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Stare ——A Title

06-little_boy_angry_faceThe eyes do command

they do recognise

also do register

an apparent in the run

an insight on the way

a difference though

she looks squarely

claims a man

he sees angularly

loathes the girl

the geometric shapes

come into being

square and angular

with no triangle or trapezium

that be the talk of the eyes

those stare for long

stare  with a venom

hover around with a flare

grieve through with a fear

apprehend with a panic

the eyes do show up

with an absolute stare

an expression of scorn

could be that of contempt

hold in view the snare

emit an unhappiness

unpleasant and unfriendly

well, that is a song on stare

one in the series of the alphabet “S”

crosses all through the day

know not what more comes along

could be in the business

might be out of it on the whole

well. that is how thoughts crowd

day in and day out

as I write with a glare

a stare is also possible

would show a like or dislike

stares  at time propose a positive.

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I Sit And Stare,

It is a Sunday  evening

have nothing to do

mostly I do nothing always

sit and stare for hours

read and write for many hours

sleep soundly for many more hours

that is how I pass my days

either it be any day

Monday to Friday

through the week days

Saturday and Sunday

the week end days

I sit and stare

reas and write

sleep and sleep

any of you want to be like me?

nay, never as I know

you would all be busy always

no time to stand ans stare

if you try my professon once

would not leave it for ever

I sit and stare.stare


A Meet.

A meet there
almost with a lively stare
passes without



The eyes stare

the sea roars in the fare

both being fathomless

Anger Poem thoughts

Spiteful Thou Art

To spite  has become his way of life.

To gibber  uncharitable words is his strife.

To  speak like an uncivilized is his feature.

To behave unpleasantly is his culture.

To stare with all evil is his light.

From the very day he was born right.

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Stay at Home

Hate to go out mostly,

Find solace at home,

The  incessant chatter disillusions,

The  irrelevant gossip disenchants,

The  eagle like stare penetrates,

The  stinging words pierce,

The  sharp sneer kills,

Cause not like to get out,

 Cause stay at home renders peace.

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From Physical Setback to Mental Occlude

It was a hard stare,

Seemed the eyes would fall off,

It was a wide gape,

Seemed  the throat would  jump off,

It was a violent  sneeze,

Seemed as if the nose would rip off,

It was a rapid panting,

Seemed  the breath would ebb off,

It was a severe palpitation,

Seemed the heart would pop off,

It was a terrible seizure,

Seemed  the body would tear off,

It was a heavy swirling,

Seemed the mind would slip off,

It was a physical turmoil,

Wherein the mental got turned off.