With That Goes My World.

The morning looks dull

with people not seen about

nothing happens in full

as there is none going out.


What be the cause I wonder

I could infer nothing so far

as I think about in a ponder

I trace nothing great ajar.


It might be a holiday, I conclude

holidays are spent  not at home I know

as people go over with a schedule

visiting places with glee in a row.


What else would it be? I think aloud

while my son  sits facing me with a tease

What is your botheration now? he talks loud

Keep going not thinking of things in pieces.


Telling him of my deliberation  straight

he unable to control his laughter

holds my hand and says with words right

you have other things to care about  now and after.


Still my mind persists on its thought

wanting to know why the day is  lifeless

my son reaches me with a plot

taking me into the city for a drive   neverdull mroningtheless








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Punctuations In Life.

It is a comma that brings about a suspense

It is a hyphen that links one another in a sense.

It is a semicolon that gives two separate ideas in an attribution.

It is a colon that makes us wait for more revelations.

It is a question mark that allows us to reason.

It is the exclamation  that points to joy and sadness  according to season.

It is  within inverted commas we quote others which enliven.

It is between the brackets additional information is given.

It is the full stop that puts an end to writing.


In life we encounter many struggles and setbacks,

Knowingly or unknowingly we align with one another in the track.

Our alliance might evolve a relationship good or bad.

In course of time we would be subjected to turmoil sad.

The reasoning mind would look with suspicion.

The joy or sorrow would keep us in  tension.

We seek the advice of experienced men.

Bracketing with others we pull on like a hen.

At last we get into the grave never to wake again.










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From Physical Setback to Mental Occlude

It was a hard stare,

Seemed the eyes would fall off,

It was a wide gape,

Seemed  the throat would  jump off,

It was a violent  sneeze,

Seemed as if the nose would rip off,

It was a rapid panting,

Seemed  the breath would ebb off,

It was a severe palpitation,

Seemed the heart would pop off,

It was a terrible seizure,

Seemed  the body would tear off,

It was a heavy swirling,

Seemed the mind would slip off,

It was a physical turmoil,

Wherein the mental got turned off.

mind thoughts True turmoil

Lost Forever.

Running through the winding way,

Negotiating through the jerky turns all the way,

Neglecting the ups and downs in the fray,

I dashed head over heels in an exhaustive sway,

To find my treasure lost in the deep bay,

Did you get it ? you say,

I shake my head implying a “nay”,

What did you lose ? you  bray,

My mind, my mind ,I crave.