With The Stars

It is night already

going pitch dark all over

gazing at the skies

I wonder with a thought

the stars flicker with  light

laughing  with a grin

making the dark wonderful

there be  little sparkles

that go with the twinkle

yellow light spreading  all over

illuminating the dreary

what a contrast they offer

I sit in wonder

wonder be the word

tha comes again and again

for I find no wonders

that would fit appropriately

that illustrate the dark night

with a sparkling light

Well, with another wonder

I propose to ask you

my little stars yonder

how long had you been there

not getting worn out

never getting tired

not at all in an exertion

well, that makes me ponder

comparing myself with you

getting all the more exhausted

becoming an old woman

having lived well over five decades

wishing to submerge with you

would you take me there?

liveimages (47) with you up over

exalted in a sublime status

exhibiting brilliance and shine

Could I be as ebullient as you over there ?

Oh! stars let me know

so that I could pack my bags

and rise up to you.

Ugh! the word wonder strikes again

Will I ? would I?




The Work Load

The work not lets me go 

even though I become slow

I have to resume my flow

no matter however low

and tired I go about.


With the program piling up one by one

not of great importance in the run

I have to fight not with the gun

but get along without any fun

well that has been my life out-and-out.


The small things getting over

while the great things slip lower

the unremarkable flies up to the tower

while the  valid goes down the shower

Oh! that has been me without a shout.


The happenings getting distinguished

the distinct get  relinquished

while the shadow remains not vanquished

the  pertinent disappears and becomes finished

Gosh! that has been the direction about.



Wondering  is it the same to all

Do all experience the same call ?

Never did I play with any different ball

as I work my livelihood with a workload

Lo! that has been my destiny without a doubt.



The Warmth As Felt

The luke warm silence irked

The tepid warmth galvanised.

The extra warmth scathed.

The continuous warmth  flared.

Well, that has been the way warmth shows

pleasant, exhausted and tedious

causing a vulnerability to a suffering

a perspiration in the  anvil

and a frothing in the process.

The warmth being allegorically referred

as though it is a cordiality in the offing

and an embrace in the flowing

but it is also a feeling of hotness

where the mind erupts gradually

directing towards an indifference





An interruption in the life style
deviating from the recorded track
takes one out of gear
that too when there is exhaustion
it is but a break down
both to the spirit and body
there being a large amount of
exertion and disturbance
not required at the junctureinterruptions
bringing in a loss of temper
and an untold hatred
for what and when not being known
but do creep in unwontedly
making the days miserable
allowing not one to live in peace.


Forego Weekends.

Weekweekendends are for rest
They are to be enjoyed.
When does one enjoy?
With the week days in office
the Saturdays and Sundays
have more work than other days.
Cleaning the house thoroughly.
scrubbing and vacuuming
tending the garden
cooking delicacies
spending time laundering
shopping for the week
all throughout the two days
make the weekends stressful.
With children at home
there arises exceptional
care and monitoring
giving the mind and body
no amount of rest
which both badly need.
Come no weekends after the fifth day
the routine of getting up
and attending to work
gets along without interruptions
But come the break every fifth day
there emanates great toil
and greater drain with
greatest exertion and fatigue.
With that there arises
a clarion call
let us forego weekends.

Actions fatigue thoughts True

Tiresome Exertion

Fatigue overtakes one at a time,

Exhaustion dissolves all in a mime,

Dissolution dissipates every cheer to a dime,

Pulling  the mind away from the prime.

mind thoughts True turmoil

Lost Forever.

Running through the winding way,

Negotiating through the jerky turns all the way,

Neglecting the ups and downs in the fray,

I dashed head over heels in an exhaustive sway,

To find my treasure lost in the deep bay,

Did you get it ? you say,

I shake my head implying a “nay”,

What did you lose ? you  bray,

My mind, my mind ,I crave.