Ramadan-Hari Raya.

Being the ninth month
 in the Islamic calendar
 the  Muslims around the world
 turn pious.
Fasting from dawn to dusk
taking no water and no food
 they pray intensely.
They refrain from smoking
 abstain from  spurious drinks,
talk, not ill of others,
restrain from hurting others
refrain from swearing and cursing .
Their mind is filled up with thoughts sober.
The rigorous  penance  teaches men of love.
 An optimistic outlook descends
Fasting  is a Godly prescription for abstinence.
A month of restrictions, as found
 cleanses the body and mind
 a  self-imposed way to make one fit
 both mentally and physically.
The ancient practices have scientific connotations.
Selamat Hari Raya.Salam-Aidilfitri-Greetings-Messages-Pictures-Quotes-Wishes-Thoughts-Sayings-Images-Wallpapers

Nothing Personal

Trying not to be personal

wish to avoid the “I”

sad to say it creeps in  so easily

and I forget my vow in the nominal.


The “I ” intrudes as often possible

I plunge into it in a quick

it could lead to  a stereotyped pick

as I  elaborate  not in syllables.


Try to keep away from the “I” as much

the bore I am all through  in the days

plaintive and withdrawn in all ways

what could I write about as such?


My contemplation leads me nowhere

when I write  am not myself in the real

I not remember what I write in the deals

look puzzled and confused without a share.












content. Poetry refresh

Want To be Born As A Fish

I have a wish

want to be a fish

with eyes always closed

with nothing enforced

sailing through the water

not involved in any barter

up I would go  with a tide

down into the water I go in a ride

I live in the  salt water of

an ocean

dwell in a pond in a fusion

I have no likes and dislikes

when the waves strike

I am disturbed to an extent

otherwise, I stay content

that is the gift I possess

in the deep waters I refresh.

Mother's day. Poetry

The Mother’s Day.

Mother’s day special it is
a wish and a gift with a thought
would lead to a bliss
allow it to prosper in all slots

A wish could keep you going
a thought from far and near
a gift also a buoying
that one from the dear.

Mothers all over the world
relish this day with a joy
an appreciation in words
worth a million in an enjoy.

A concept much new now
not known during my days
never wished my mother in a know
while she remained in stay.

Good to remember the one who begot you
I would vouchsafe even more not a wish alone
a day is insufficient in a clue
as she still holds you without a frown.

Every day is Mother’s Day
as she is the best of all mothers-daythat belongs
call her anyway
wish her with a happy song.

like. default. Poetry

Live By Default

Like to live alone

with thoughts of my own.

Like to live exclusive

wish not to have any inclusive

Like to live quiet

apart from the bustle and riot.

Like to live in a place up

far away from the hubbub.

Like to live unnoticed

well into the shell  reticent.

Like to  live on a hill

where everything is still.

Like to be myself

wish not to ape any self.

These be my rewards and  faults

Well, I live bylive by default default.

measure Poetry pressure radiance . sugar -coated taste words

A Defence Without Offence

The craving as it is

anything sugary  in a wish

one of taste mostly

and of words certainly

call me at times needed

the pastries sugar coated

delights one and all in total

lip-smacking they are

most savoury they are

gives a quaint feel in  all

as the lips touch each other

the longing concludes as ever

with a joy and favour .

The accounts of words  pleasant

emanate a sense  credibly decent

as they flow with an ease

not indicative of a tease

coax and cajole with a touch

release a relax as such

kindles the spirit with grace

inspires the mind  with a blaze

the value of sugar is immense

the white granules   make one tense

say many with a proof  of  pressure variance

anything taken  in a measure lends radiance

that go with the sugar too in all  sequence.sugar- coated


The Wish


The unrest in the world
goes without a word
the disturbance exists
unable to resist
the governance staggers
new spark triggers
battle starts in no time
airplanes fall in a trend
innocent die in hundreds
old and young in the trend
apprehensive to fly to places
the Atlantic poses a danger in space
a route round the Pacific
turns expensive and terrific
security is the look out
Well, there should be a way-out.
Peace on earth and goodwill
should enter into the bill.
It is the wish of all in intensity
should happen with a passion.


Little Away from The World.

A little away from the world 

 a  small distance from the people

 a  break from the relations 

a flight from the friends 

 has been a lovely status 

keeps the peace  in mind

 the mind is at rest 

 the physic is in the flow

thoughts run not slow 

 there transcends a  bliss 

 know not how to explain.

away from the world


To Sleep – I wish.

There is nothing to do to day

I said to myself all gay,

I want to sleep the whole day

never to open my eyes in a way.


Did I do that ? I ask

Not so much in a task

as I get up and sleep over till dusk

my desire hidden in a  mask.


Lying in the bed for little time

then getting up  in some time

going about for short time

back to the bed in no time.


This proved difficult all over

as I went about in a hover

my mind getting out of track all over

rushed in to have a shower.


Not able to fulfill my wish

I moved towards my regular dish

that of working and running  all time

earning little say just a mime








The Will To Pursue.

The perseverance that counts

it is that which works

nothing would create wonders

but the will to do  really makes out.


This being nothing new on the whole

just a  quality that grows

with a strength  in the deal

time to get across in a heal.


The will to stand upright

whatever might be the outcome

along with the wish to work hard

would bring innumerable advantages.


The perseverance on everything you do

be it studies or research

or be it business and commerce

there you find a validity in your pursuit.


You might wonder at what I am telling

this being the experience in life

an endurance and a focus

that has made me what I am.


It is too late to achieve I felt

but have gained a solace in what I did

I stand assured that I have won

not greatly but to an extent.


This pride Perseverance -1has been with me since my birth

proud of my parentage initially

proud of my qualifications in my student days and after

now proud of what I have won to sustain.