Symbolic Of Life

The weather is pleasant.
Rains and temperature drop
make the days lovely.

Used to bright sunshine
being humid, November
is cool and calm.

The one defective part
is the onset of infections.
The onslaught is deplorable.

Fever, dengue
and swine flu abound
an appalling situation.

The cyclones add to the misery
with landslides and roof collapse
along with loss of lives..

Happiness and grief
seamlessly merge.
A sequence less known.

Symbolic of life
which holds
success and failure


The Ship Of Life.

The ship sails
on the waters
braving the storm
fearing a wreck.

Sustains and survives
reaches the shore
people alight
ill at ease.

The life of us all
likened to a ship
a struggle all the way
onerous to play.


The Workshop.

Workshopping the poems
destroys the originality
the flow is thwarted
a strained read
never be the best poem.

Tools are required
the more one uses
leads to a wear and tear
a caution on the go.

I deem it as a Strife.

The rigour triggers

the discipline swaggers

the practice alters

the  exercise refers

thus goes the day

with a hard work

in rapt attention

not being  a day

goes through all days

be that my life

could I deem it as a strife?



Poetry thoughts

Waves in a Flow–Symbolic

The waves  rise up

strike the banks atop

with a force  unknown.


The waves bow down

retreat with not a frown

with a force unknown.


They go forward and backward

almost not towards

with a force unknown.


They do not lie dormant

even for a moment

being a force unknown.


Once they flow with an ease

one of a resigned  please

being a force unknown.


Else they flow with a tense

one of great violence

being a force unknown.


That be their nature known

unpredictable in tone

being a force unknown.


Waves do symbolically refer life

with fortunes and mishaps in strife

being one of unknown,waves





A Day Of Travel.

It is been a day of travel

road and air in all

hours together nonstop

a climb and a get down on top

an embark and a  disembark

all in a day’s arc

a trial happens all through

once in a month being a due

cannot avoid being a place of business

well, it has become a routine in a sense

need I to undertake to keep my pot boil

have to put an extra  efforts of toil

that being the turn of events in the years recent

I ply  up and down to live in a way decent.


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A Drift Of The Soul

The move frequent

sets a trend  of  disassociation

comprises a belonging

being nowhere .


A shift so often

delivers a state of  indifference

deciphers a characteristic

of not so an attachment.


A here and there living

releases an insecurity

registers not a continuity

a drift of the soul.












A Metaphor.

rose and lifeThe rose is beautiful

petals are soft  and wonderful

silky and shining  being an attraction

so  goes the general  description.


The rose is tender

protect it from any offender

held harsh crumbles and falls

could this be another call?


Life is beautiful

look at it with eyes wonderful

flaws turn into a glossy gleam

nothing  strikes the beam.


Life is tender

tempers and anger being the offenders

bridle the anger as much as you could

never try to speak rude .


Roses dance in the air

rose, red and blue in all

life blossoms in different hues

rose and red green and blue.


Not I sing a song of praise

nor I sit and watch it rise

rose and life seen together

professes a metaphorical refer.





The Journey Of Life —Allegory.

The morning rise

to a tranquility

could never be anymore

as the roads turn busy

before the sun could peep.


The afternoon siesta

to a sleep

could never be anymore

as the roads remain busy

spite of the scorching sun.



The evening walk

to tone up the physic

could never be anymore

as the roads are still busy

spite of the partial darkness.


The night slumber

to a fantastic sleep

could never be anymore

as the roads  continue to be busy

overwhelming the stillness around.


Not knowing what to do

and where to go

as it could never be anymore

the roads of life teem all through

letting out not a break in the journey



A Quiet Life As Such.

the-quiet-life-06-holiday-lookbook-1-06.jpgFriendless and foeless

he lives in a land  remote

knows none that much

a quiet life as such.


Not bothersome or worrisome

he lives in a land remote

all to himself as much

a quiet life as such.


Graceful and wonderful

he lives in a land remote

with poise as much

a quiet life as such.


Never inquisitive nor a detective

he lives in a land remote

with no curiosity as much

a quiet  life as such.


Trouble free and  carefree

he lives in a land remote

with no burden as much

a quiet life as such.