Be That The Life.

While I wake up

I see the bright sunlight .

when I sleep

I see the darkness

that be the life

with a begin and a beginning

with an end and an ending.


The Life Goes On.

The life goes on

without seeing the sun rise

as I am not an early riser.


The life moves on

without seeing the flowers blossom

as I am occupied otherwise.


The life flies on

without seeing the birds fly

as I am flying elsewhere.


The life runs on

without seeing the boys run

as I am running for my bread.


The life trots on and on

years pass with a speed unknown

as I age  with the years all known.


The life has to slow down

allowing me to experience all the above

it would be a bliss goes on



The Shoe Flower

The shoe flower or hibiscus
has shades of colours
red being the usual one
pink, yellow, white and others
abound in their beauty all the more
with the red growing almost everywhere
with a fecundity in all strength
the twos and fives and even tens
seen in every plant as of all
give a colourful variance to the eyes
as they blossom with a charm
bright and lovely they appear
the beauty being they last a day
the next day droop and fall
enunciate the transitoriness of life
the shoe flower does that with an emphasis
a quickened flowering and shortened life.

controls moves Poetry records

Never Our Life —— Sways

Clauses and rules

regulations and restrictions

go to make up life

fenced and circumscribed

circumvented and stopped

moves our life

comments and criticisms

appreciation and contempt

govern our life

wish and desire

money and expense

control our life

illness and grief

loss and panic

rule our life

fear and a scramble

apprehension and a withdrawal

design our life

we have no say whatsoever

be it a short or long life

we go with the world

pulled by the tide

never see our life

as we wanted it to be

never live our life

as we expected it to be.never our life

game play Poetry shame

Life Is A Game

Life is like a  game

play well without a shame

express nothing  lame.

basic Poetry proof

Theorem of Life —A syndrome.

A theorem gives you a hypothesis
with that you come out with a thesis
it is a research in a kind
leading to a lot of finds.

A theorem is a proved fact
leads you to results intact
it is a geometrical one basically
be an approval intrinsically.

A theorem is an interpretation
the proofs are an exposition
that would happen if it is so
a general application in a flow.

A theorem could be a proposition
not only in geometrical disposition
they are altered to lifestyle
a modification in the trial.

The theorem of life in proposition
covers all the perceptions
not alienating the rise and fall
inclusive of all.theorem

humid Poetry

Live In A Chase.

I live in two places mainly
both very ancient and historical
one above the equator
the other just below the equator
where it is the sun always
shines through the days
no respite whatsoever
no other seasons more so ever
rains come and go in one place
it is torrid and hot
in the other they stay with me most
yet scorching and hot
I am destined to live I such places only
I long for a cool and moderate weather mightily.
I will not be fortunate to live in this life
perhaps if I have another life
no, I dare not think of another one
as this life has proved to be exasperating
well,living in Madurai, I have lived all through
only a few more years to go through
wish them they could be only days
as I do not want to live in a chase.

Poetry Transitory

The Cycle Of Life.

The transitoriness bewilders
happen to see a procession
one of a wedding on the north
another of a death on the south
the one so happy and merry
the other sad and sullen
distracted I stand with eyes hovering
what to make out of the incidents?
birth and death happen day in and day out
rejoice and pain occur one after another
the way life revolves with fun and frolic
the way it rotates with melancholy and sadness
nothing is there for years together
nothing is constant all along
I stand there with an understanding
the old has to give way to the young
the dry leaves fall as new ones shoot
this be the course of the life cycle
the dead and the fresh alternate
they could be the punctuations
a pause, a forward, a straight walk
all seen in the experience it unfolds.

Poetry tabulations.

We Do In Tremendous

Nice to read.

Nice to write.

Nice to play.

Nice to eat.

Nice to cry.

Nice to laugh.

Nice to walk.

Nice to sleep.

Am I being frivolous?

Well, that is what we do in tremendous

might be a difference

some do them  more

some do them less

depends on the individual

that be the way to live

with other ablutions

and most other tabulations.ablution-large

performance. Poetry

The Course Of Life

Easy to point  a finger

the anger could trigger

an animosity in the larger

there are ways to say

accusation is not the only way

firm words would keep one in a  bay

before that look at yourself first

are you, above any criticism in test?

could you render your best?

if given an opportunity

say it with all humility

if yes, take up with  courage

perform without any demurrage

halt your curse with an action

enjoy the sanction the credit be yours

the credit be yours

hereafter let it be your course.quote-clean-your-finger-before-you-point-at-my-spots-benjamin-franklin-328235