Haiku. Poetry


Like to read
all the categories and creeds
with potential


Poetry tabulations.

We Do In Tremendous

Nice to read.

Nice to write.

Nice to play.

Nice to eat.

Nice to cry.

Nice to laugh.

Nice to walk.

Nice to sleep.

Am I being frivolous?

Well, that is what we do in tremendous

might be a difference

some do them  more

some do them less

depends on the individual

that be the way to live

with other ablutions

and most other tabulations.ablution-large

home Poetry

More At Home

More at home

never like to roam

a home is a home

small or big

like to dig

eat few figs

read a book  with interest

that is the way I rest

with that my life is full of zest

a read, a write and a sleep

with thoughts not very deep

I stay at home all the time

not matter when the clock and write

forgetfulness humour. Poetry

The Tea I Prepare

The duties I forget

the compulsive ones  most

that being the milk on the stove

it is the day to day routine

I sit reading through with concentration

or gazing through the window more concentrated

while the music  in the background plays rhapsodically

the milk boils and boils many a time

I sit unmoved in my place  lost in myself

the burnt smell emanates slowly

that is the alert generally  cautions me

I rush to see my milk  on the stove

there is no milk,  not even a drop

the  milk pan almost charred  lies burnt

this is not on one or two occasions

but being throughout my life  with few exceptions

I look up the attic straining my neck

see  milk pans in a row  shapeless and black

the milk bill escalates  two folds and three folds

I stand answerable to my husband

who frowns at me  but lets me off  with that alone

as he is so fond of the tea milk pours over.I prepare all these days.


I Remain True

To read what I write

is but a terrible bite

as I write with a passion

nothing to do with fashion

pour my thoughts in speed

they are in verse  think I indeed!

what they are to others I know not?

as I write  for me alone all throughout

this way I go about in my work

performing for my satisfaction alone

a very  different personality in tone

stand I very much apart from the normal

withdrawn  from the world but very formal

Do I look a strange creäture to you?

Well, that is me who remains always true.



The Read.

It is a read
a beautiful read
in-depth read
is full of lead
is a lively lead
is a sensible lead
packed with information
reveals intricate information
a dependable information
found in the content
expressed in elaboration
great and awesome the read


The Haemorrhage.

The allegations at an age
the criticism at a period
the attack at a time
when the spirits are down
cause a havoc unbearable.

Never have seen smooth sail
Never have experienced a flow
Never have heard a kind word
all through the days hay and old.

The scathe and scorn in volumes
scrap the heart of its tenderness
the sore is so ulcerative
it bleeds internally copiously.

The haemorrhage accounts for a stumble
a withdrawal from the kith and kin
might be also from the child too
as it clogs and tarnishes the feel.

The cast away from society at large
the pull away from the near and dear
makes one find solace in the lifeless
that of read and write in design.lonely_leaf_left_alone

The words pop out with animation
laugh and talk with cheer
console with a smothering rhythm
care with cordial solicitation.


How Do You Spend Time?

The regular chores wherever you may be
be it in your home town or abroad
seem to be the same all throughout.

Amused I find myself when people ask
how you spend time over board?
straightening up I thinks for a while.

Nothing pretty different for me anywhere
with the routine behind you
reading, writing and cooking.

With the roof over the head as it should be
with a comfortable working space
I feel no difference wherever it be.

Shopping has always been not my way of life
with a few wants and desire
find great comfort at home with my companions.

Companions, you might wonder who could they be?
there be not life around but lively things across
throwing light on topics of interests that carry me on.

By now,bloggingyou would have guessed what they are?
being that of books and my computer
those take me around the world from where I am ?

After giving out so much I ponder
why they be so inquisitive on my day-to-day work?
as I am a very ordinary person known not by many.

I settle down with ease quiet looking around
they be asking all these for the sake of talking
a time pass for them not for anything serious as I think.


An Interesting Post.

The post that calls your attention

that needs your retention

is indeed an attraction

that  makes one read and read

with an interest indeed

advancing a  fine lead .


It takes you  along the ride

with a gentle tickle on the stride

where thee is nothing to hide

hide it may be so subtle

that not causes a hustle

but  puts you through the bustle.


In goes the lively deal

with a thrilling feel

extending  a warm heal

thereby they bring out an episode

beautifully  narrated within the board

fairly a strong and powerful  expression on load.


That be the grip the read tends

allowing a mirth in the trend

goes so all through the bend

holding the reader’s attention in rapt

as he in the course adapts

forgetting himself in the lovely pact.




Reading A Novel

Reading fast through the novel
she skipped pages
that of description
telling about the places
delving deep into the characteristics
not only of its physical features
but also of its cultural activities.
The rushing up of the pages
would take her to the story part
but the other information
would be let astray
The beauty of the novel
lies not in its story content alone
but also on the language most
as well as the presentation in tact
wherein comes the portrayal superior
and the characterisation intrinsic
that get entwined with the plot in a seam
and the theme gets elaborated with frills
with a narration and unravelling lend a binding
which go to keep the reader’s involvement
and takes him across in a tide far and near
great and pleasant in a manner perfectcharacteisation.