One Another.

I be not excited
says he
I be not thrilled
says she
they be not interested
I say
having been  through all the days
one be not with the other
the other be always against the one
there be no understanding
just a fight in between
that makes one tired
and the other bored
so they find no excitement
nor any adventure
as they see only conone anothertroversy
leading to nothing 


An Interesting Post.

The post that calls your attention

that needs your retention

is indeed an attraction

that  makes one read and read

with an interest indeed

advancing a  fine lead .


It takes you  along the ride

with a gentle tickle on the stride

where thee is nothing to hide

hide it may be so subtle

that not causes a hustle

but  puts you through the bustle.


In goes the lively deal

with a thrilling feel

extending  a warm heal

thereby they bring out an episode

beautifully  narrated within the board

fairly a strong and powerful  expression on load.


That be the grip the read tends

allowing a mirth in the trend

goes so all through the bend

holding the reader’s attention in rapt

as he in the course adapts

forgetting himself in the lovely pact.




The Call Of Birthdays.

Fascination about birthdays

excitement over that special day

the fun that comes with it freely

and the joy that brings to the child naturally

could be expressed in no way.


The child about  four to ten mostly

feels at the top of the world intensely

as eyes run round her keenly

while she is cutting the cake gleefully

hearing the Happy Birthday cries.


The tempo goes on for ever almost

as certain individuals   on the  most

go through  the same thrill  utmost

with an even more exaltation foremost

as they cut their cake happily


ninety-one candles  lit.


Birthdays bring joy for children primarily

with a new dress and a celebration  regularly

while the  seniors  go with the rituals fervently

with a fear in mind and a desire to  have a longevity

hoping not to suffer any malady and illness

but badly wanting to extend life with a fullness.young-kids-at-a-birthday-party





Thrill And Excitement.

The thrill and excitement
that prevailed so long
had suddenly disappeared
emanating from the dealings
with people knowing very little
yet posing defiant and knowledgeable
supporting their arguments
with facts and figures
appropriate to their own terms
befitting their own reliability
Once, to the great surprise
brought a carton of accounts to court
written for years together
accounted in a language
not familiar to the land
where the judges and the officials
know that there exists a language
but know not a word of it
Seeing them carry up and down
was a scene of absolute ridicule
but to them it was an authentic presentation
illustrating their genuinity and business acumen
being a melodrama conducted by their solicitor.
Now,the curtains have been pulled down
and with that the excitement has vanished.thrill

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The Kite’s Flight- Allegory

It was a high-flying kite.

It glimmered in the sun-bright.

Carrying the colours red, blue and white,

It rose up and up to great heights.


The children cried in delight.

They were thrilled at the sight.

The kite  enacted a great fight.

It rose up and up to great heights.


The cord that held it extended right.

It, in its elongation, got tight.

The kite faltered in its flight.

Yet, it rose up an up to great heights.


The cord knotted itself in a bite.

The knots closed up to a strangling plight.

The kite made a descent slight.

Alas! it fell down and down from great heights.

Man’s ascent has a tremendous insight.

He muscles and manipulates to reach atop alright.

His movement  gets mulled at a point outright.

He tumbles down  to the ground  like the falling kite.