One at a Time.

One at a time

called the teacher

none  did listen

went on in a chorus.


One at a time

called the  teacher again

none paid attention

being  a boisterous  lot.


One at a time

called the teacher finally

a  missed call however

none did obey her.


So are the teachers looked upon

shout they as much as they can

not be effective  in the round

create not a stir among their ward.








hurt Poetry refer resolve shiver tackle unexpected

One After Another.

1a8be8b4a732e90ddd2adeda18b97ea8One comes after another

if all comes together

it would be rather

a stuck up in the corner

happens sometimes not ever

besieged by issues altogether

unexpected and sudden rather

before resolving the first one for sure

comes the other in a speed in a refer

involving into the new one a little slower

barges in the third one seeking shelter

tackled  carefully one after another

know not how I came out without a shiver

still the hurt lingers within whatsoever.


face Poetry strike

Have Only One.

It is a strike back

not a bashful one

not a slap for that one

but a hurt on the one

a scar on the one

that could mar the one

disintegrate the one

shatter the one

destroy the one

that be the  on  the face

he has for all in one

the only one

anyone can have.face one.

birthday marriage Poetry

It Is Another One.

Ianother onet is  but another one

nothing special about that one

as the case might be in an one

be it a marriage or a birthday

or be it a dinner or tea  on that day

it is like but another one

It is another one in a  tone

a replica of the previous one

no matter who is the host

not that who proposes the toast

could be grand or simple in a way

the end is the same on all  events.

That be the call of everyone

a celebration is but one

where the flashy and modesty crosses

where the excess and moderate intercepts

a show of wealth  is not the essence.

That be the take of all in a bound

as it is imperative and sound

an introspection would reveal at length

the validity of  humility and its strength

anyway it  is nothing but another one.

accounting ally. diligence Poetry

One, Two And Three

It was an afternoon
with a sleep all too soon
sat on to work with accounts
went mostly wrong in all counts.

One, two, three I counted diligently
skipped the four inadvertently
added up the credit and debit together
could not tally both altogether.

To fight sleep with a power
I quickly had a shower
came I fresh on to my work again
settled into the pattern of gain.

Did I say gain? that be in a hurry
it was profit and loss both wary.
I fumbled and struggled totally
Accounts are never my ally.

Abandoning the accounts I slept
sound as ever in great depth
came the numbers one, two and three
enough toscr-small-business-accounting-software nag me in a spree.



Liars go with an easy flow
telling lies in the go
not one or two
uttering many a lie high and low
wrapping the details slow
elaborating them quickly liarwith a know
that be their skill in the row
hitting all with a blow.


One Another.

I be not excited
says he
I be not thrilled
says she
they be not interested
I say
having been  through all the days
one be not with the other
the other be always against the one
there be no understanding
just a fight in between
that makes one tired
and the other bored
so they find no excitement
nor any adventure
as they see only conone anothertroversy
leading to nothing 


One Malaysia

One Malaysia they say with pride
is it worth the ride?
Malays,in their country
get through with all concessions.
Chinese with their business brain
go through with less strain
Indians with their hard work
reach not near the top .
The three races still go on
have their own identity to an extent
living in areas best suited for them
mixing up with the youth picking relations
converting to the religion out of necessity
as to keep up the pace of harmony
but still there remains a divide
very discreet and very phenomenal
that could be keenly felt
and faintly experienced
Yet, Malaysia pulls on
not on policies great
but on the unity of the races
which had lived for centuries together.onemalaysia