Be A Liar.

It is  a folly to be  true

lies should  be there in blue

the world goes by the word

nay, now I see many swords

not the actual be they the guns

firing and shooting not in one

they go about in a spree

almost in any place free

what for none know

why for nothing to show

it happens all of a sudden

innocence becomes a burden

going back to the beginning

truthful is  a sin with a digging

say lies as much as possible

leads you to be  plausible

such truth is not to be entertained

has to be all the more  detained

being a liar would make you a player

not of small means but of great lie



Liars go with an easy flow
telling lies in the go
not one or two
uttering many a lie high and low
wrapping the details slow
elaborating them quickly liarwith a know
that be their skill in the row
hitting all with a blow.


A Gifted Liar.

liar-liar-300x300He does not build cock and bull stories
He designs break even super tales
It must be intriguing as it sounds hoary.
It is what he compresses in bales.

Telling lies is an art superior I say.
Every word being a lie is a culmination of art
He casts each lie as deftly as he could in a way.
The piece looks lovely from the start.

He says one thing this hour with grace.
He calls me saying that he is on the way to meet me.
Then he switches off his phone leaving nothing to trace.
Waiting in the station I find that he has made a fool of me.

He speaks lies in such a close-knit weaving.
To get into the nuances we need skill extraordinary.
Never he repents or feels hard for so much lying.
Well, such men do live with pride seems not ordinary.


Be Thou A Liar

Lies come to him in no fixed ratio
They spurt out in a forceful show.
Soon they vaporize into a steamy flow
landing him in a state of fiasco.

Speak no lies is not in his character
as he goes about with lies as an indicator
making everyone feel he is in a reactor
as his presence brings lies in a refractor.

He raises not funds but lies
coping with his speed in uttering lies
has become a job of inflicting tries
very terrible and inducting shies

He being in command of duplication
mostly of words and largely of insinuation
substituting one for another in succession
while in the end getting nowhere in any direction.

Living in cheer with lies as his soul
he sings in a tune of great melodic control
incorporating the strains of fiction in droll
compiling together the fantasiesliar in scroll