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Life is A Dream

The taunts
do not dissuade Veda.
The hurt deep
leaves not a scar.

Veda extols a confidence
outstretches not too much
accepts the good with grace
and the bad with equanimity
faces humiliations with a fortitude,
comes out of struggles unscathed.

Her inimitable drive
to acquire knowledge
clubbed with
her passion for writing
has earned her a reward.

The way Veda sees life
differs from the rest
she looks at the stars
when others ride through the dust.

An ever hopeful girl, Veda
never loses heart and cheer
laments, not for the lost
cherishes what is at hand.

She accepts life
with a twinkle in her eyes
” a bird in the hand
is worth two in a bush.”

Nice to have her as a friend
great to hold her hands and run
fun to be with her through
thick and thin.

She sings with blithe
Lewis Carroll”s
“Life is but a dream”!
in full-throated ease.

The Music Within

The music I hear

causes a tear

the heart cries

the soul stirs

the eyes of the poor

though not speak words

express feelings of hurt

their suffering mostly silent

sings many a song

of struggle  and scarcity

their hands  bear

scars of toil red and black

their feet have blisters

the nails all broke

niggard they are

hear them rant

ignites a fire

that rises up

darkens the cloud

pours down as rain

a feeble way

to assuage their  bruise

smothers now and then

keeps them in the poor-in-spiritflow.

With a Knowledge.

Having done the most
there was nothing more
he could do further
as he harms the near ones
that be his way
as he hurts others
with scathing remarks
as he spreads stories false
that be his way
has he acquired anything beneficial?
yes,greatly quoth I
as he goes on with his slander
knows not one day it would return
would turn against him with excess force.
He is now in that phase
facing the brunt with full strength .
God forbid! God pardon!
a trespass committed fully well
with a knowledge and a trial
that is the only mistake.hurt

Hurt She does.

The habit of hurting others
is her latest practice
To me it appears recent
but I feAr it is in her for long.
Talking with a pungency
telling things unnecessary
speaking about others in length
with whom I hold no relationHurting-Someone-300x200
mainly to agitate me
has become her new style.
Ignoring her,I went past her
Not recognising her
but comes she with a smile
commenting on affairs I detest.
The next time she does so
have decided to tell straight to her face
run away from my sight and get lost.

That is Me

Lot of things to do
before I go to sleep
so saying I went here and there
I climbed up in a hurry
then descending down the stairs fast
ran to the kitchen to wind up
seeing nothing amiss over there
turned quickly back to lock it
dashed on the wall by mistake
while a little water lay there
stumbledfall and lost the balance
fell flat on the floor
crashing my forehead on the pedestal
wailing Oh My God !lay down there for
quarter of an hour passed
with tears streaming down the cheeks
experiencing an excruciating pain.
Then, had to get up bearing the hurt
made way to the bedroom limping
fell on the bed after taking a pain-killer
while the hurt lay dormant for few hours
dozed off lying in a peculiar style
with my head raised high up
and my aching knee on the top of four pillows

Playing Deceptive-

Yonder, I see a beautiful person,

Getting near I rely on reason,

Beauty is not in the eye, I feel

It is found in the  benign act,I seal.


The deceptive looks  deduce a confound.

The sweet smile is actually range bound.

It is a treacherous facility that abounds

Forecasting a terrible tumble  aground.


Never be carried away by outward show.

It would lead to a disastrous flow.

The hideous face hides  itself in a profile low.

Waiting for a chance to strike  a severe blow.


The blow does not injure the physical limbs.

It would strike deadly on the heart’s rims.

Extracting every sinew of the nerves to the brim.

Inducting a ghastly bloody wound plausibly grim.


Light heartedly, they  go about in joyful excitement.

Revelling in the mirth of having struck the target vehement.

One day they would repent for their wicked ploy in indictment.

And endure a harsh curse and drastic swear all in a predicament