Played Foul

Having been through life in a most different way
just looking after my work with dedication
had no time to see what was going around
as being cast in such a sphere had no inclination
as to get through and beat the competitors
but natural as it seemed I came above them every day
unknowingly I became a butt of their anger
by ruse they denied every share of my right.
I went about with a tempered attitude at times
while most occasions burst out in a fury.
Neither my anger nor my placidity paid dividends
as I lost the entire share to those who played foul.
Years passed and I grew out of it with much difficulty
but now my children in their lighter moments
make fun of me saying with cheer and humour
that I never knew to ask anything on time
and could never achieve the rightful portion
Their jocular remarks do hurt me great
I ruefully disdain my attitude and disposition
feeling great for the loss because of my nature
the loss mother-son-teasing-each-other-17649951in turn finds a reflection in their life too
as the wealth would have passed on to them as by natural law.


Hurt She does.

The habit of hurting others
is her latest practice
To me it appears recent
but I feAr it is in her for long.
Talking with a pungency
telling things unnecessary
speaking about others in length
with whom I hold no relationHurting-Someone-300x200
mainly to agitate me
has become her new style.
Ignoring her,I went past her
Not recognising her
but comes she with a smile
commenting on affairs I detest.
The next time she does so
have decided to tell straight to her face
run away from my sight and get lost.

Actions Experience grace Interpretation Pride quality thoughts

Pleasant What May.

Nodding her head she sits among friends.
Listening to their remarks of lively trends.
Smiling at their fascinating talks across the bend.
Keeping a pleasant quietness is her way till the end.

Coyly she hears their bashful jeers.
Softly she smothers their tears.
Lovingly she dissipates their fears
as she keeps a pleasant poise is her way unto the rear.

Expressions rude never come from her.
Thoughts evil never get the best of her.
Inhuman behaviour is never found in her
as she Keeps a pleasant grace intact in her.

Her insinuations are assumed as ignorance by some.
Her inclinations are claimed as innocence by some.
Her exclusiveness is termed as pride by some
while keeping a pleasant attitude never pays her handsome.

Her demeanour is all throughout the same.
Believing in truth is her game.
She worships truth not in name
while she keeps a pleasant trust not for fame.
She does not live for others as many do.
She loves them most from out of the blue.
She does not wish to give a clue
while keeping a pleasant extension in the groove.

Her way of life is different all through.
Never does she bow down to authority in a rue.
Never does she acknowledges money as powerful in all her moves
as she keeps a pleasant endearment in her interactions true.