Election and Governance

Who governs the nation?

that is  not my botheration

I have my views  of governance

I go by a reference

not anyone can rule.

Happens so

a man with no education

rules not one term

is at the helm

for many terms

a disappointment sets in

the voters, at least the majority

take the money and vote

could be due to their necessity

blame none for  the state of affairs

people should learn  to vote

that will take time

till then I wish to go

with my work not bothered

about the governance.




An Unfaithful Lover.

A lot more could be said

silenced by the consequences

she goes away from the limelight

for reasons best known to her

a saddened heart be all for a cause.


Tossed and torn by love

she lost her grace, on the whole

her charm has waned

she looks a grief struck and bitten

by the destiny’s cruel hands.


The love she bore for a man

was well accepted in the beginning

later it turned into a faithless one

his eyes all set on her money

which stood beyond billions.


She gave him liberally at first

censored as she smelt of an unfaithfulness

which provoked him to the most

unkind he turned at once

sadistic and selfish all in one.


She cut her ties with him

could be the physical one

done so easily and smoothly

while her agony tormented her for long

being one of the mind and heart.




I write with all my skill

got nothing till

be in the way of money

not even in a tiny

received nothing in fame

is it not a shame?


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The Small TImers.

The small timers they are
behave as what they are
small in mind and heart
could be easily bought
a day with them in general
is an experience in all
they sneak and sniff
smell and go in a jiffy
never do they show any poise
as they are cheap in all choice
money is the lure at all times
as that is their most prime
they would wear a fox’s skin
and would pick from the bin
attorney-chasing-money-dreamstime_xs_22956086money being the cause
without that they would never pause.

marriage Poetry


Marriage of hearts

not one in our part

marry for money.

Marriage of hearts

not so in our part

marry for status.

Marriage of hearts

not so in our part

for the sake.

Marriage of hearts

as seen in our part

marry for convenience.dowry


The Blunt

Blunt is the brain

feeble and fragile it deigns

greatness  seen in a feign

that is how leaders reign

oscillate they to gain

blessed they are with rain

that come with no srain

it being monetary in main.indian_politics


Virtuosity or Eventuality?

Long ago it was the quality 

 that of man  mattered 

gone are the days 

 when monetary played no role 

come now the hours in a twinkle 

where finance have control

 leave alone the economy

 encompass on whole  every trial

the life under a fiefdom

expresses  a servitude 

 where success prevails

where power wields 

while grace being beaten

the poise lies crippled power of money

 come there in magnificence


status with money on line

 that be the eventuality


Could it be a virtuosity?







The Court Of Law

To become a judge
men pay money nowadays
with that how  do you expect?
law and legal  candidly

A man who pays high
becomes a judge with aplomb
using his high office
with an eye on money

Gets he millions  at the back of his chair
multifold of what he has paid  to occupy
where do you expect?
law and justice in the frame.

Seeking recommendation  from the powerful
he deigns the robe of justice
succumbs to the vile practices
was he has to gift  handsome rewards.

That which he spends  to acquire
has to come back to him in his tenure
the vehicle being his office  of a judge
he makes a lot  more than what he could

That being so in all circumstances
then where do you expect?
impartial judgement in the court
which turns into a commercial hub.

Court of Law is a sanctum
where there lives the justice
which has to be put in high security
without getting exposed to  the guile of currency  


Small Adjustments -A Christmas Message.

The small  and small adjustments
go to make big and big images (37)achievements
whether it be in life
or might be in strife
a little give and take
just for peace sake
give us a life full of harmony
which is the best money
one would win over
leading to a life blissful
and to a  grace delightful


Orangutans No More.

Having been away for quite long

the land before my home had changed

with its trees all being uprooted

the greenery totally disappearing

now looking  bare and rugged  all around

the monkey family which lived on the trees

a lively interaction they had all through

with the mama monkey carrying the little one

while the other two older ones hopping up and down

as the head  of the family was busy hunting food

there was a grand merry go around all through

now the family has migrated somewhere

leaving me alone gazing at the empty ground

where there is going to be a thoroughfare

as lorries  would be parked with drivers loitering about

some smoking cigar and others spitting out

a different environment I am supposed to face

the days being not very far from now

as the work is going on with great speed

creating and growing takes time

destroying and removing  is through no time

that being a universal  factor   all the way through

the extinction of orangutans is underway

making the rain forest area almost nothing

but a place of buildings and yards

turning more commercial and causing a disaster

with that the eco-friendly nation has become orangutansunfriendly

carving a  corner where everything transforms into money.