marriage Poetry


Marriage of hearts

not one in our part

marry for money.

Marriage of hearts

not so in our part

marry for status.

Marriage of hearts

not so in our part

for the sake.

Marriage of hearts

as seen in our part

marry for convenience.dowry


Thorn In Flesh

The thought of inconvenience 

and the feel for convenience

runs deep in my heart

not causing trouble to others

not allowing to be troubled by others

might sound not pragmatic to mos

but that be put to test

would make me a stiff contender

perhaps would be the best defender

as I pursue the policy straight

never deviating to left or right

initiating a sensitiveness

that of great decisiveness

never being a thorn inimages (41) any one’s flesh

but be a flower tender all over the mesh

never trying to prick them insensibly

but attempting to comfort them sensibly

that be my way all throughout

that might echo a bash in and out.




The Interpretation

Each one makes different inference

that which calls for a difference.

Each one takes the meaning as they like

or more so as they wish  and like.

Each one understands it to his benefit

going through the clauses as it befits.

Each one talks about it in a way

hoping it would   get through anyway.

The statement is one and the same

but is inducted through  a lively game

Interpretation depends on convenience

as it takes the back seat with  regards to relevance .

Not Interpretationcircumscribing to any norms and rules

the inference mostly plays a fool.