Needle in The Haystack

An idiom that has gained popularity
with the ongoing search in its intensity
where to find the disappeared material
how to find in such a large compass in trial.

The hay stack being huge and piled up
hiding a needle so thin and small in a prop
finding it out by the one who concealed it
would prove to be a strain albeit.

The idiom craves for a rightful recognition
as one that goes well with its connotation
Supporting it to be a rightful assumption
proposing a conferment of relevance without any presumption.

The sharp indication and the resultant information
that nothing would come out of any investigation
that not be focused and pointed straight at the target
would be a round about way exercising a forget.


The Interpretation

Each one makes different inference

that which calls for a difference.

Each one takes the meaning as they like

or more so as they wish  and like.

Each one understands it to his benefit

going through the clauses as it befits.

Each one talks about it in a way

hoping it would   get through anyway.

The statement is one and the same

but is inducted through  a lively game

Interpretation depends on convenience

as it takes the back seat with  regards to relevance .

Not Interpretationcircumscribing to any norms and rules

the inference mostly plays a fool.





The Grand Master – Nature.

The drawings of nature

broad and great in stature

gipaintingve a colourful feature

that much for the rapture

considering the drawings otherwise

that of extracting her  in size

mostly of her goodness likewise

that of her bounties  and freebies

even after providing so much

she has not lost her glamour as such

she still keeps in  constant touch

with the humanity that has looted her in bunch

that be her unique benevolence

granting her a grand relevance.


Days And Dates

Dates get out of mind

days I do not find

I close my mind

having in hind

no thoughts to bind

nothing to grind

only wishing for peace

nothing in a fleece

wantingdays and dates to nestle among trees

amidst heavenly bliss.







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The Talk of Money

The talk of money makes me giggle,

Billions and millions and hundreds wriggle,

Like ants on the sandy ground trouble.

Going up and going down in a wobble


The talk of money makes me apprehensive,

The relevance to it is  effectively reflective,

The legitimacy of currency is abusive,

Creating an unpleasantness effusive.


The talk of money is all-pervasive,

Serving and seducing in a way contributive,

Striking the bonds in a sequence  effective,

Forcing a disenchantment repulsive.


The talk of money makes me plaintive,

The value of other skills become diminutive,

The love for money acquires a directive,

Shadowing other validities to a defective.