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Not One But A Pair

They live therecats

sitting in a  big chair

not as one but in a  pair

grin  at us with a smile

chuckle  with a vile

act in a style

purr and whimper

jump and scamper

they are not  small beings

very clever in their doings

smart in the thinking

make us look little

as they giggle

we face a struggle

as to shoo them off

needs a  skill great thereof.


A Call From Abroad



I get a phone call every morn

from a far away land across the seas

I eagerly wait for the call moving nowhere

as the caller speaks so loving and beautiful


Answering each of my questions

with a grin and giggle

his voice goes up and down like a song

holding a  frequency attuned to the replies.


He talks with an attitude mature

listening keenly to my words

responding appropriately to them

with a melodious tone and cheer.


He could well understand my language

never once he put a question forward

I could make out very little of his answers

which came out with a spontaneity  straight.


Curious to know who it would be

you would  have by now started to deliberate

let me reveal his identity in a way

that you could comprehend and admire.


The caller being none other than my cute toddler

just one and half years old  learning to speak

talks he in a language of his own

which I,  half a century and more, fail to decipher.






The Girl Hiding Behind The Mother

Hiding behind her mother

 the little girl  peeped out

 while coming out now and then

winked at me for sure.


Her mother was talking to me serious

 I could not cope with her Shy Girl Hiding Behind Mother's Dresssobriety

my eyes were on the little one

longing to have a glimpse now and then.


As she winked in the intervals

I winked back wiith a grin

she giggled and hid behind

the scene went on for long.


The mother not knowing what was happening

went along with her narration

hoping that i would listen

did not stop in between.


With my attention on the girl

heard nothing of her mother’s tale

when the mother completed her story

I was nowhere in the midst.


The mother asked me few questions

trusting I would give an answer

I, knowing not what was told

blinked and mumbled something.


The mother got offended

walked away dragging the little one

the girl turned and gave another wink

winking back I sat satisfied.


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The Talk of Money

The talk of money makes me giggle,

Billions and millions and hundreds wriggle,

Like ants on the sandy ground trouble.

Going up and going down in a wobble


The talk of money makes me apprehensive,

The relevance to it is  effectively reflective,

The legitimacy of currency is abusive,

Creating an unpleasantness effusive.


The talk of money is all-pervasive,

Serving and seducing in a way contributive,

Striking the bonds in a sequence  effective,

Forcing a disenchantment repulsive.


The talk of money makes me plaintive,

The value of other skills become diminutive,

The love for money acquires a directive,

Shadowing other validities to a defective.