The Man and Men

A man on the cliff

called to the men down

Oh, here I am

look at me

I am one of you

I had been battered by misfortunes

I am about to end my life

I am going to jump from this point.

Shall I jump or shall  I not?.


The men below stood confused

they called to him

look at us

we are like you

we are under great trouble

we live with hope

we still walk past  and tread through

Should we live or should we not?





Ode To heart

The heart is never at one place

it  is always  on the move

a look, a read, a write in phases

a thought of food and sleep as proofs heart.png


I am at home most  times

my heart travels all the more

I sit  unaware of the clock’s chimes

my heart trots, jumps and runs even more.


The felicity of the travel it conjures

could be of no comparison whatsoever

it sees, glimpses, peeps without perjure

a nice little way to loiter around as ever.


The images it gathers in its distinct journey

the experiences it encounters all through

could be of nothing similar to the real  journey

has a lasting influence anyway all through.


The emotions and feelings it carries all the same

be the outcome of the day to day contentions

being active the subconscious plays a relentless game

while the conscious goes to sleep without retention.


The  roam of the heart turns extensive

a premonition being on the cards

could occasionally turn reclusive

a reflection at times of hard .


A heart of steel be the decorum

succumbs not to the wear and tear

if at all it  crumbles at the fulcrum

the physic collapses being unable to bear .


Saying so of the heart being an eulogy

the role of the heart is pivotal

unable to think of a fitting analogy

to”home is where the heart lies”being axial












Who She Is In A Way?

It is a trick

more or less a gimmick

she is a friend to all

always there in a call

that was before long

now she  is away for long

does not respond at all

nor does  she answers a call

she has turned a mystery

her good nature has become a history

she dodges and drives through

never in place all through

I seek and search with fervour

could find her where so ever

I give up and sit back

she came today in a slack

she was with me for a few minutes

disappeared from my hold in a minute

hopped and jumped  to a  place little  away

showed up for a few minutes in a stay

then ran away for the day

could you recognise who she is in a way?

she is none other than rain

she has teased my brain rain falls

humourous. Poetry

Not One But A Pair

They live therecats

sitting in a  big chair

not as one but in a  pair

grin  at us with a smile

chuckle  with a vile

act in a style

purr and whimper

jump and scamper

they are not  small beings

very clever in their doings

smart in the thinking

make us look little

as they giggle

we face a struggle

as to shoo them off

needs a  skill great thereof.


Jolly Go Song

A jump here and a jump there

came she with a bump,

With a look here and a look there

came she with a lump.

With a grouse here and a grouse  there

came she with a stump.

With a force  here and a force  there

pushed she everything into a dump

With a frown here and a frown there

turned she her face in a grump.

With a  fat here and fat there

appeared she plump.

With an adieu here and an adieu there

went she  making all numb.chubby-girl-no-sign










Actions Age Children Inspiration Lesson Poem

With The Little Ones

With children I am crazy.
I play with them brusquely..
I dance with them happily.
I jump with them wantonly.
I talk tojump them sweetly.
I sleep with them lovingly.
Forgetting my age and size
I become one with them honestly.

Actions Beauty dance Experience feelings Inspiration Interpretation learning Love Melody Nature subscriptions

Ode to a Peacock.

Up on the hillock,

up on the grassy lock,

up over a marshy  block,

up  at the strike  of the clock,

amidst a happy flock,

there was a  lovely slot.



A dainty entry from the hills,

with a sharp bill,

with a sapphire fill,

calling in a voice shrill,

made its way in a drill,

it was an enticing dance.



The colourful feathers spread  grand,

opened up like a  canopy on a land,

throwing out shiny elegance in a brand,

the dense feathers  enchanted the band,

it appeared as an action of a magic wand,

It created a  trance.



The danseuse beckoned the gaiety of north,

it greeted the pleasantries of south,

it solicited the charm of west,

it bowed to the grace of the oriental east,

 exhibiting  a marvellous feat,

it was a concert best.



Hopping it went ahead,

jumping  it trotted  back,

elaborating it moved right,

accelerating it speeded left,

displaying a nimble footed treat,

it held everyone in toes.

Crooning goes round the peahen

singing tunes of love in tens,

kindling the peacock to  dance  in sevens,

enthralling the spectators to a rhapsodical events,

Good God!  it  was nothing but heavens,

it was a beautiful romance.

Actions Creation Experience feelings Looks Progress Rain Theory thoughts True Wish

The Clouds Gather

It is a sight to see the clouds gather.

They seem to dash against each other.

They attempt to pass over one another.

They are dark and bright all over.

The black clouds appear to jump over.

The bright ones seem to hover.

The dark clouds look  full with moisture.

The bright  clouds appear like fluffy flakes all over.

The moisture laden clouds try to fall as a shower.

The snow clouds instigate a stoppage as ever.

Which would triumph in the race as forever?

If the black one wins it is a boon to all whatsoever.

As it ushers copious rain and prosperity more so ever.