The Retreat.

The water dashed on the rocks

turned inside with a brush.

The wind  stuck on the hillocks

went back in a rush.

The rains fell heavily on the land locks

decreased  in a hush.

The devastation was terrific on the flocks

creating a violent  crush.

There ends everything on the dock

making nothing out  in a fuss.water flows back.










The Fall.

On the hillock

there loitered a bullock

which had a knock

falling on a rock

making the land rock

and the soil lock

it was not a mock

but a genuine  shock

everyone had to flock

by going up the block

with effort  released the bullock.bullock







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Ode to a Peacock.

Up on the hillock,

up on the grassy lock,

up over a marshy  block,

up  at the strike  of the clock,

amidst a happy flock,

there was a  lovely slot.



A dainty entry from the hills,

with a sharp bill,

with a sapphire fill,

calling in a voice shrill,

made its way in a drill,

it was an enticing dance.



The colourful feathers spread  grand,

opened up like a  canopy on a land,

throwing out shiny elegance in a brand,

the dense feathers  enchanted the band,

it appeared as an action of a magic wand,

It created a  trance.



The danseuse beckoned the gaiety of north,

it greeted the pleasantries of south,

it solicited the charm of west,

it bowed to the grace of the oriental east,

 exhibiting  a marvellous feat,

it was a concert best.



Hopping it went ahead,

jumping  it trotted  back,

elaborating it moved right,

accelerating it speeded left,

displaying a nimble footed treat,

it held everyone in toes.

Crooning goes round the peahen

singing tunes of love in tens,

kindling the peacock to  dance  in sevens,

enthralling the spectators to a rhapsodical events,

Good God!  it  was nothing but heavens,

it was a beautiful romance.

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A Child’s smile.

A smile of a child lights up the face,

It is innocence in a glaze,

It leaves nothing in a trace,

It is an absolute blaze.


The glitter in the smile sparkles,

It makes the eyes twinkle,

It radiates all through in a trickle,

It appears like a bounteous  sprinkle.


A child in a stroller smiled cheerfully

  It  winked  its eyes gracefully,

Intoxicating  the passers  heavily,

Making them forget their self temporarily.


The smile of a child has taken me away,

Far from the instant  pressurised sway.

It takes me to a sphere so far away,

Perching me in a hillock full of gay.