The Silly Goose.

Goose is related to an idiosyncrasy
below the level
of understanding and intelligence
being stupid.
Is it myth or real?

Observing the goose for a while
as she swam on the lake
chattering incessantly
[i]whack triak [/i]
I felt her innocence.

A no curiosity at all
nor a keenness at any juncture
simple sail up and down
prescribed to the range
of finding food for the day
pronounces a simpleton
a strive without any aim:choiceless.

A quiet lifestyle interpreted
in ways by men of six senses.
The prosaic approach and
the lack of enthusiasm
render the Goose uninteresting.

Could be the silly attitude
labels the Goose below
the normal standards
almost in par with idiocy



The Explosion

There be an attack

sudden and intact

be it in an airport busy

a bomb  planted  tricky

near the Help Desk

exploded in a frisk

killed a score and more

there were many more

innocence trespassed  in the fray

pleasant face turned grey

those alive the minute before

fell dead the minute after

be so in Brussels  in the morning

a calamity of a terrible kind in the







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A Character.

A call just now
a friend of mine spoke
so innocent in a row
feigned innocence in hold
she never looks bold
certainly a character to watch
you could never catch
she is so slippery and pleasant
moves about in a manner decent
what is in her mind no one knows
as she makes no foes
goes on with an ease in all
very careful not to tread and fall
intrudes stealthily into others
straightens herself from their curse
I, for one, got carried away
I have seen through the play
hereinafter I should be awry
as she is a being very scary.feigning_innocence_by_xxcarolinefirelilyxx-d68l42n


An Inference

ambushIt is a commitment.

without any indictment

little did I know

I would be pulled into the flow

I was not in the arena  at all

somehow I was dragged  by a call

I innocently fell into the trap

caught in between unable to flap

struggled hard to come out

in an ambush  all throughout

fulfilled  with competence

this could be  an inference


The Mask Of Deceit.

With the rose in hand
smelling it now and then
she walked right in with a grin
nodding at all around
greeting them with folded hands.

Taken aback by her presence
the gathering got up in reverence
wished her Good Morning
waited for her to enter
and sat back in awe.

She called them one by one
came to know about them
assured them of her cooperation
They went out with a satisfaction
that things would be done
as she had given them assurance.

Days passed nothing was heard .
They became restless and disappointed.
Went to meet her once again
got the same warm reception
and endearing she gave more assurances
but this time there were few believers.

Mostly this is what happens all over.
The ignorant get swayed away by masked deceit.
Time elapses with a gallop and stride
leaving them in the lurch and crunch
If at all people show their true colours
innocent would not be taken for a ride.images (87)

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Pleasant What May.

Nodding her head she sits among friends.
Listening to their remarks of lively trends.
Smiling at their fascinating talks across the bend.
Keeping a pleasant quietness is her way till the end.

Coyly she hears their bashful jeers.
Softly she smothers their tears.
Lovingly she dissipates their fears
as she keeps a pleasant poise is her way unto the rear.

Expressions rude never come from her.
Thoughts evil never get the best of her.
Inhuman behaviour is never found in her
as she Keeps a pleasant grace intact in her.

Her insinuations are assumed as ignorance by some.
Her inclinations are claimed as innocence by some.
Her exclusiveness is termed as pride by some
while keeping a pleasant attitude never pays her handsome.

Her demeanour is all throughout the same.
Believing in truth is her game.
She worships truth not in name
while she keeps a pleasant trust not for fame.
She does not live for others as many do.
She loves them most from out of the blue.
She does not wish to give a clue
while keeping a pleasant extension in the groove.

Her way of life is different all through.
Never does she bow down to authority in a rue.
Never does she acknowledges money as powerful in all her moves
as she keeps a pleasant endearment in her interactions true.


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The Duo In Form

Likely to be ignorance.

It is  a pretext of innocence.

It is a mask for foolish deliverance.

It is a camouflage of avaricious indulgence.

It is a manipulation to grab with hurried semblance.

Succeeding the duo march with egoistic diligence.

Unaware of the pits that are ahead of their reference.

Their momentary success is reflected in their impertinence.

Time  waits for no man’s observance.

The duo find them in  an entrapped inference.

Their ill earned money undergoes a disappearance.

Their undeserved pride stifles them to a grievance.

Gradually they fade away from the limelight presence. 







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A Child’s smile.

A smile of a child lights up the face,

It is innocence in a glaze,

It leaves nothing in a trace,

It is an absolute blaze.


The glitter in the smile sparkles,

It makes the eyes twinkle,

It radiates all through in a trickle,

It appears like a bounteous  sprinkle.


A child in a stroller smiled cheerfully

  It  winked  its eyes gracefully,

Intoxicating  the passers  heavily,

Making them forget their self temporarily.


The smile of a child has taken me away,

Far from the instant  pressurised sway.

It takes me to a sphere so far away,

Perching me in a hillock full of gay.





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A Bait

A little worm in the hook of a fishing net,

Acts us a firm  secure bet,

Clinging and cringing it tempts ,

The fish to make  longing  attempts,

Thrilled to see the tiny bait

It jumps unknowingly   in an ecstatic   trait.



Up ,up it shoots  with a vigour,

Clambering to hold the trigger,

The worm   dances and dangles,

Oscillating in various angles,

The fish makes a  somersault,

Dashes  over and above  without a fault.




The lovely rush through the water,

Holds us in a quick monitor,

While the palpitations rage high,

We sadly perceive with a sigh,

The fish being hauled  by the  hook,

Of the fisherman along the brook .