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Men Of Unequal Pride.

The controversy over a day

the auspicious in a way

tells one with unequal pride

he finds not the day in the tide

says he has connections not with one

but with four temples in tone

feels the day  is not good

so does one of his brood

who being a subordinate in status

talks of all things not in focus

be that of the rituals and the food together

both of them think they are authorities

ironically they are known for their atrocities

speak in a manner loud all the more intimidating

while they are of substandard  and demeaning

hurt alone is not the matter or a question

it is their knowledge accounts for the reason

could be mitigated if it comes from the wise

incidentally, the allegations  emanate from men of vices

notorious for their fraudulence in places  of worship

well, let them wag their tongue as much as they want

meaningless to deliberate  on their utterance  devoid of kinship

ignore the duo by discarding their remarks as scant

such shallowness and impudence would drive them to a state

would be subjected to contempt and scorn to date.man14964-chubby-man-on-a-pogo-stick-clipart-by-djart


Prejudice And Pride

Contemplating on her utterance

found out there is no relevance

says she with a gusto irrational

her eyes emit a hostility invariable

the thought of her sends a feel

not one of admiration  in deal

but of contempt on the whole

she spills out thoughts full

loaded with animosity entire

What for, I do not know?

Is it prejudice all the more?

Is it pride that makes her so?

Best, not to think about it

as she holds no merit.



The Man Supersedes

Science and technology have reached heights
travelling has become easy and cheap
with people able to fly over
from arctic to antarctic
all in a day’s go.

Wrapping up all so easily by man
could he be the champion of every cause
having the medical world under control
the space ships within his limits
going by the brain in all angles.

He with pride innate and inbuilt
walks with a sense of triumph
there being nothing to outwit him
forgetting there be so many capacities
that he has to achieve still.

That being the case for him to believe
he supersedes the attributions that pin him
knowing not his acclaim be not real
humility taking the back seat
while humanity walks with head high .


The First Cry Of Life

A baby being born

a new life is switched on

there be a cry lasting long

that be the sign of life with a belong.

The cry otherwise not heard

signals a consequence dire in the stead

that be not everything alright

there be an anomaly in sight.

Crying turns out to be a significance

which ordinarily calls for a weakness

that reflecting a sadness and apprehension

being an outcome of strain and tension.

The baby’s first cry spreads joy

the mother looking at the boy

beaming with pride and achievement

that of begetting a child with nourishment.

The baby then sleeps cosily

attended to with great care and easily

as the timely feeds by the mother

proves sufficient appeasing his hunger.

The first cry being really important

as the sound becoming pertinent

representing the evolution of life

also implying the boy’s future strife.

first cry


Mixed Response.

Some like it hot 
 Some like it cold 
 Some appreciate the poem 
Some depreciate the song. 
So goes the way 
 all throughout the day 
 with criticisms heavy 
 mostly unhealthy in a levy 
at  times an applause rarely 
that would bring cheer barely  
 unconcerned be your  process 
 not bothered by the causes 
people differ in their attitude 
accept everything with gratitude 
go about your way criticism with pride 
 as that would lend   a pleasant ride. 

Actions Poem


egoisticThe ego in you
is a curse and a boon
all the same to you
but terminal to others.

The “I ” in you is a pride
that which holds you up
making you proud and
self- centeric on the whole.

The ego is referred
as something derogatory
calling for a clash
between individuals.

The ego is a bloom
if there is a limitation
of reference and recruitment
thus bringing a resolution.

Egoistic is a term
that intends a self-conceit
and a self promotion
ushering in casualties.

Modulations in egoistic is
by tempering the self-interest and
including the public perceptions
would bring about a reformation.

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A Carton in the Court Hall.

cartonA lawyer wheeled a carton in the court hall.
Beaming with pride he posed tall.
Up and down he went with a smiling call.
His clients were moving here and there like a ball.

The carton was huge and catchy.
It was fastened rather tightly.
What was inside? was everybody’s curiosity
Did it contain treasures of precious quality?

It was gently lifted up the stairs.
It caused the gathering to a stubborn stare.
The clients carried it up with an utmost care.
Was there tonnes of gold or gems rare?

The trio pushed it to the judge’s chamber.
Heaving a sigh sat down in a slumber.
They spoke in subdued tone about the number.
Was there any high risky documents in danger?

The judge walked in with a lively style.
Adjusting his glasses read out from the file.
Put forth the salient issues without a guile.
Called the parties to deliberate on them for a while.

The lawyer opened the carton in speed.
What would come out? was everyone’s thought indeed !
Took out the account books to read.
The judge paid the least heed.

The mediation was simple and issue based.
The trio’s expectation was razed.
Knowing not how to handle they stayed embarrassed.
Their upstart behaviour was defaced.

Back again they wheeled the carton to the landing.
Bitten by ignominy they made haste through the standing.
Hurriedly they pushed it into the porch with an irked feeling.
The carton played a role amusingly debasing.

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Pleasant What May.

Nodding her head she sits among friends.
Listening to their remarks of lively trends.
Smiling at their fascinating talks across the bend.
Keeping a pleasant quietness is her way till the end.

Coyly she hears their bashful jeers.
Softly she smothers their tears.
Lovingly she dissipates their fears
as she keeps a pleasant poise is her way unto the rear.

Expressions rude never come from her.
Thoughts evil never get the best of her.
Inhuman behaviour is never found in her
as she Keeps a pleasant grace intact in her.

Her insinuations are assumed as ignorance by some.
Her inclinations are claimed as innocence by some.
Her exclusiveness is termed as pride by some
while keeping a pleasant attitude never pays her handsome.

Her demeanour is all throughout the same.
Believing in truth is her game.
She worships truth not in name
while she keeps a pleasant trust not for fame.
She does not live for others as many do.
She loves them most from out of the blue.
She does not wish to give a clue
while keeping a pleasant extension in the groove.

Her way of life is different all through.
Never does she bow down to authority in a rue.
Never does she acknowledges money as powerful in all her moves
as she keeps a pleasant endearment in her interactions true.


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A Passion On The Fore.

garland of deep rose.Passion takes the front seat with much pride.

Making all others slide back in a hide.

It tries to embrace all the sides

while standing up like a guide.

It forces one to strictly abide

by releasing an emotional  tide.

The writing patch renders a lovely glide

allowing a smooth ride.


The wordy expressions give a beautiful  insight

by decking the experiences into a garland  bright.

The  narrations  are sometimes light.

The explanations  most times reach a height.

The descriptions open out a picturesque sight.

The authenticity is never a question right.

The imagination ascends above in the wings of flight.

On the whole writing is a passion not to be taken slight.








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Ending Up

As duties get over,

so responsibilities fall over.

so events fall over.

We walk over,

with a fulfillment all over.


As freedom sets in,

 peace enters  in.

As  it is an achievement all the way,

pride finds its way.

We go ahead

with a tranquillity instead.


The rotation completes in a swing,

leaving a lively brim.

The cycle closes with a high note,

listing an admirable dote.

We end up almost

with an enlightenment  at the most.