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A Passion On The Fore.

garland of deep rose.Passion takes the front seat with much pride.

Making all others slide back in a hide.

It tries to embrace all the sides

while standing up like a guide.

It forces one to strictly abide

by releasing an emotional  tide.

The writing patch renders a lovely glide

allowing a smooth ride.


The wordy expressions give a beautiful  insight

by decking the experiences into a garland  bright.

The  narrations  are sometimes light.

The explanations  most times reach a height.

The descriptions open out a picturesque sight.

The authenticity is never a question right.

The imagination ascends above in the wings of flight.

On the whole writing is a passion not to be taken slight.








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Up above the Hills

Driving through undulation.

Crossing the vegetation,

Negotiating the rude  turns,

Breaking through the thorny  ferns,

  We went up above the hills

It was sombre sweet,

Birds chirping a gentle tweet,

 Gleefully whisked along the way,

 Benevolently carried away in  sway,

 We went up above the hills.



It was refreshing smart,

With breeze blowing aloft,

 Aromatic fragrance spreading across,

Caressingly lifting the nostrils to a gross,

 We went up above the hills.



It was  green,

Full of sheen,

Layers of lush trail,

Lay freely without bail,

 We went up above the hills.



It was picturesque,

Never was it  grotesque,

Throwing a colourful hue,

Glowing under a lovely blue,

We went up above the hills.



It was  totally fresh,

There was no rude brush,

Rendering a breathlessness,

Inducing a  togetherness,

We went up above the hills.



It was  Nature , pristine nature,

It was a  feature, delightful feature,

The grace was infinite,

The exuberance  was never  too finite,

We went up above the hills.