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Ode To Madurai

Madurai in its splendourmadurai.Long do I live in my town

the little I know of the place

been born and brought up in the town

I being  named after the deity of the place

have  taken the town for granted

not I did anything so far to my birth place

I heard and hear mantras and slokas all through

the day and night chanted with  a far-sighted gaze

the festivals corresponding to months  abound all through the year

the deities  go  in  a procession through the streets

dressed up and bedecked they proceed with a cheer

the ecstasy and piety  as seen is all upbeat

the people throng to have a glimpse of the almighty

no matter how many times they see

the divine couple seems  to wear a new look unbelievably

the town reverberates  the divine music all throughout

resplendent  is the town with a glimmer all extolling

it  has no more of attractions  both inside  and out

the  charm  of the place is the temple majestic and  enthralling

keeps the town buzzing from time immemorial

cities come and go with the advancement

technology favours them a coveted place  in a revival

they grow and rise in fame and name in a  revival

this temple town is not smitten by such bug or pace

as it  remains constant in its pride and reach

a humble town called Madurai in chaste Tamil

the name  being synonymous of  honey without breach

praise I the town of my birth with all my soul

that much I can do to hold its torch high above the toll.

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Worship the Lord

worshipWorship is voluntary or involuntary.
A curious thought sets in involuntarily.
Reverence is the basis for worship truly.
Fear is a part of the fundamental undoubtedly.

Worshipping God has become a ritual.
Praying has turned to be beneficial.
Pleading for mercy is sacramental
Worship includes a ceremony artificial.

Worshipping Man has taken lively coordination.
Going after the wealthy is a fashionable attraction.
Running behind the powerful is a feverish aspiration.
Hero worshipping comprises a scenario of destruction.

Respect should come naturally from within.
Force should not surface across the skin.
Nor tear it with an incisive spin.
Worship leaves a volume of actions to begin.

Pilgrimage to holy places is one of the ways.
Offerings to God is another way.
Conducting ceremonies is an expensive way.
Appeasing God has become everyone’s way.

Fear of the future wields a sway grave
Finance assumes a close shave.
Illness consumes the heart of the brave.
Driving every other to a tumultuous rave.

Resorting to worship is the easiest design.
Diamonds,gold silver add to the shine.
People flock to the shrine.
Hoping to convert their suffering to gain.

Worshipping in itself is divine.
If it for a cause it is but vain.
It is truth that holds the reign.
Eventually truth would always remain.

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Down The Memory Lane.

cyclingCycling through the memory lane.
Pedalling soft in a reverie plain.
Half pedalling while reliving the past.
Fast pedalling when going through the present cast.
Racing through the happenings as though in a telecast.
The picture of life so far is etched out in the frame main.

Cycling through the memory lane.
Envisaged bumps and roll downs in a path not plain.
jubilation was found in the realms of past.
Tribulations were also part of the cast.
The performance was rushed through in a telecast.
The still remembered experiences hang in the gallery main.

Cycling through the memory lane.
Perceiving thorns and bushes in a terrain not entirely plain.
Happiness realised in the years looks similar to the past.
Melancholy also gets in as an entity in the cast.
The outcome presents a lively telecast.
The fresh incidents depict a fine portrayal in the gateway main.

Cycling comes to a stop as the end nears.
The mind rests in peace without fear.
The activities cease as everything draws to a close.
The wide canvas slowly folds and falls down as a dried rose.
There exists an extensive and exhaustive relaxation foreboding a cheer.


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Leave The Deities Alone.

The deities in temples  are divine.

They  are made of stones fine.

They elucidate a lovely shine.


Deities have sculptural beauty.

The artisans carve it with  duty.

Giving them a lofty credibility.

Bringing out  a design of chastity.


Deities are now decked with outfits in gold

They make the deities appear bold.

The shine extols the charm people are told.

Gold deduces the divinity to a mere metallic hold.


Silver too competes with the metal yellow.

The mercurial  dazzle dims the glow.

Grace is dimmed by the silvery flow.

Money overtakes purity in a slow.


Temples are no longer place of prayer.

They indulge in display of wealthy layer.

We hear no songs sung with fervour.

We listen to talks of  self praise all over.


Temples no longer exude warmth.

They detract every one by exposing wealth.

Instigating a feeling of stealth.

Sealing the mind with ill-health.





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Divine Mockery

It is a likelihood of  proximity.

Might be a fallacy of divinity.

Calling for an immediate spontaneity.

Preceded by a tantalising  agitation.

Followed by a vigorous affectation.

Spurred by a disoriented infusion.

The eyes wink in a speedy flutter.

The lips move in a strange clatter.

Words surge in and out in fine chatter.

The crowd throngs in a feverish momentum.

Eager to listen to the frenzied dictum.

Holding their breath they await the referendum.

Gradually the  letters decipher into an ultimatum.

The words are strung  to form a verbatim.

The wordy garland  carries a prediction of events.

It is impregnate with a content.

The belief is beyond admission.

Well, it is an individual decision.

Going by it is a blind faith.

It  is obviously  a myth. 

Yet, it has an arterial appeal.

 It penetrates through the circulation.

Insinuating a deep perpetuation.

They conjoin the mind and body in integration.

It is an experience thrilling, no doubt

Yet, it lacks an authenticity in stout.

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An Entreaty

Milk is poured on the deity,

To keep everyone happy,

Yogurt is poured on the deity,

To make everyone live in gaiety,

Tender coconut water is poured on the deity,

To bring about a lot of sanity,

Sandal paste is poured on the deity,

To usher in a realm of piety,

Honey is poured on the deity,

To facilitate a spontaneity,

If only these things are given to the needy,

They would live in a blissful solidarity,

This is a fervent  entreaty,

This is an appeal in an entity,

That would take care of the have-nots fundamentally.

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Up above the Hills

Driving through undulation.

Crossing the vegetation,

Negotiating the rude  turns,

Breaking through the thorny  ferns,

  We went up above the hills

It was sombre sweet,

Birds chirping a gentle tweet,

 Gleefully whisked along the way,

 Benevolently carried away in  sway,

 We went up above the hills.



It was refreshing smart,

With breeze blowing aloft,

 Aromatic fragrance spreading across,

Caressingly lifting the nostrils to a gross,

 We went up above the hills.



It was  green,

Full of sheen,

Layers of lush trail,

Lay freely without bail,

 We went up above the hills.



It was picturesque,

Never was it  grotesque,

Throwing a colourful hue,

Glowing under a lovely blue,

We went up above the hills.



It was  totally fresh,

There was no rude brush,

Rendering a breathlessness,

Inducing a  togetherness,

We went up above the hills.



It was  Nature , pristine nature,

It was a  feature, delightful feature,

The grace was infinite,

The exuberance  was never  too finite,

We went up above the hills.

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A Shrine

A temple far away from the crowd,

Very much away from the bustle,

Much ahead of our times,

Nestles in a serene village,

Surrounded by paddy fields,

Green to the utmost,

Quiet to the foremost,

Celestial to the uppermost,

Divine and distinct to note,

Delicate and exclusive  to admire,

Embellished by simplicity,

Adorned by faith,

Decorated by piety,

The lords reside in royalty,

Expressing a warm sunny smile,

Exuding a benign spirituality,

Endorsing a fine tranquillity,

Enlivening the devotees with charm,

Enthralling them with ecstasy,

Inspiring them to revel,

Inducing them to celebrate ,

Instilling in them a feeling,

Of love and affection,

Of kindness and compassion,

Thus unifying them with infinity.