The Rena I know.

Being in one of the moods
either it be of happiness
or one reflective of bitterness
Rena shows extreme emotions.

A cry that breaks the heart
is her way to show sorrow.

A shout too loud to accept
is how she demonstrates her indignation.

A laughter that knocks the roof down
is the manner she expresses her mirth.

A sound terrible and fearful
could be resultant of an apprehension.

Not ever moderate she is.
She is extravagant every time

That be the Rena I know
an epitome of flamboyance.


The Coloured Ribbons.

The red ribbon
flies at a height unsurpassable
potential danger.

The blue ribbon
is seen at a moderate level
plausible goodwill.

The yellow ribbon
waves with a warmth
brings in happiness

The white ribbon
flutters in a mild manner
proposes peace.double-satin-ribbons


My Happiness Overwhelms

A child’s smile is like a flower  in full bloom

its babble resounds  a nightingale’s song

its walk resembles a peacock dance

my happiness overwhelms  child's smile

when I see a child.


Either Way it Could Be

It was sunny in the morning

turned breezy in the midmorning

became dark in the afternoon

rains came in the late afternoon

The sunmelancholy into happiness slightly looked up in the evening

know not why it went down quickly

darkness sets in early

cool is the early night

colder still in the late hours

a synergy of natural forces

all going well in the course

that which is seen now

disappears fast in the flow

could be that of life

happiness  is seen in almost

switches itself to grief in the inmost

the laughter of the heart in its content

diffuses into a cry in an abundant

either way it could end in a trial

exhilaration transcends into melancholy

the one into another in a sail

apology concer honour. Poetry

The Fault

The fault lies not in me
says he with a glee
why does he profess happiness?
what for he is so tense?
if the fault is not is
let go off in a wish
no harm to him at any cost
a smart way out on the world
is to keep up the word
that be the way of life
as a word is one of honour
if not for reasons best known
not able to fulfill the promise as sworn
tender an apology with a serious concern
that would be a pretty not my fault

content. Poetry

I Am An Architect.

What a world I could make?

as all seem to be in a fake

a creation in a dream

with illuminations in a gleam

would be the best possibility

Yes, I see around in style

the land that surrounds me

supplies all I want without trial

I find a cheerful abundance

which call not for any reference

the prosperity  overwhelms

beyond the specified realms

I  hover around with eyes open

I  could spot nothing inferior even in token

the children play and learn with a relish well looked after with

well looked after with a cherish

the aged walk in an elegant stride

share their experience  with pride

not one of them staggers or wobbles

look fresh and free of troubles

the commercial  transact  in terms straightforward

no deals are performed  with an exchange inward

threats of terrorism  have no place

if at all they are  gimmicks in case

hijack is an absentee in the  world  of mine

the hide and seek takes place in a shine

abuse and misuse are not  thought  at all

be them in words, matter or material   in call

women are held in high esteem

never they undergo hardships extreme

distinctions between poor and rich are unknown

as everyone is moderately  well off and well known

with a lovely house and a caring family

a job well paid and no struggle in the rally

the life in my world goes about  happily

a gracious blessing it is hopefully

Well, this would be the world I wish to make

simple as it could be  easy to take

I want no frills or drills along the sides

I require plain transparency with no abide

If this world could be created as I wish

I see a Heaven on earth with  an eternal bliss.

Lovely is my circumspection by all  deeds

Great it would be if I succeed!baby and grandmother .

‘I am participating in the #TheWorldRemade activity at BlogAdda in association with India Today #Conclave15.’

Poetry strength


Tears show many
feelings of happiness and remorse
overshadows the strength.Tears


My Dearest Friend

rainsI had an unexpected guest
who always put me to test
she would drench me with showers
if she is in a mood not terse.

The friend of mine came all so quick
could not believe her as she was up to trick
wondered what brought her here all of a sudden
she was always an entertainer never a burden.

I rushed towards her with happiness wrought in my face
took her by my hand and tried to embrace her with grace
she escaped from me and dodged playfully
delighted I stood gazing cheerfully.

She was with me for one and a half hour
she went through enlivening each flower
which blossomed as soon as she touched the petals
her entry brought mirth in total.

The friend of mine could be a friend of you too
she is a lovely person which is nothing but true
I begged her to come every day for an hour and half
as she is rain who acts for prosperity on behalf.


Come Summer – A Relief and a Belief

Come summer
the sun rages high
the place burns hot
an interlude is on the way
found in the festivals
that abound and rebound.

To beat the heat
the people indulge in celebrations
seek a relief in the rituals
as mirth and rejoice divert
the strain of the scorching sun.

The festivals are colourful
with people attired in their best
the deities adorned with jewels
move in a procession with illumination
the devotees following the chariots
chanting with piety Tamilnadu Festival 2013


Peace Be With You

There is  peace 

really. you  ask

as there is no thing

that much could be seen

with peace and goodwill

as every other place

there is fight and tension

that go with a fusion

with terrorism on the sway

with  corruption on to gay

with that of deception all the day

there be peace you say

what sort of peace do you mean ?

ask you bona fide

I do reply in the stride

that there is peace I assure

not found in the political

never found in business

but seen among people

who play it simple

whether there be a fight


it lasts for a day

where there is mirth

it prolongs for months

there I find peace and joy

seamless they are

entwined they look

that be peace and contentment.

Peacethis is my answer

the case of satisfaction to the reply

lies on the way you take .

Peace be with you always!