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Tears show many
feelings of happiness and remorse
overshadows the strength.Tears

The Cry and Smile

The child cries
for what she knows not
cries she all aloud
tears run down her cheeks
face turns scarlet
the mother tries to pacify her
feeds her with milk
makes noise with the rattle
holds her close to the bosom
the child cries even more
knowing not what to do
the mother breaks down
she whispers and sobs
looks the child perplexed
sits there silent for a time
crawls towards her mother
wipes the tears that flow
softly kisses her mom
with a broad smile as ever.baby cries and smiles

The Shock of her Life.

Gradually coming out of the shock
looking dazed and exhausted
with tears running down her cheeks
and she biting her lips to control her sobs
walks out in a staggering manner
to the aisle and looks out
at the open area under the blue skies
feeling her life has turned the same way
as the open ground
with none to tend it for the better
but left it abandoned to itself
allowing nature to take care of it.
Yet there were very few plants
with lovely flowers growing on their own
and grass shooting up unkempt
appearing with tufts and sparse
growth in and out.
Consoling herself she comes to reality
that whatever might be the consequences
she should live with a determination
and there are some good souls that would come to her
and keep her occupied.
Strength and fearlessness should guide her through
and without any doubt she would come up in life
as she is best known for her right decisions .
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The Lost Days

Lost is   days of youth.

Lost is  days of mirth.

Lost is  days of joy.

Lost is  days of toy.

Lost is days of evolution.

Lost is  days of  the revolution.

Lost is days of enthusiasm.

Lost is days of experiences awesome.

Lost is  days of adaptability.

Lost is  days of flexibility.

Lost is  days of attraction.

Lost is  days of distractions.

Lost is days and years.

As we lose ourselves in tears.

A Pathetic Pause.

Bottling up the emotions altogether,

Controlling the tears altogether,

Suppressing the sobs altogether,

She disappeared from the scene altogether.


The disruptive words scathed her almost.

The evil looks  disarmed her almost.

The back bites scaled her down almost.

She, dishevelled, ran in speed almost.


The hurt locked her in solitude.

The discomfort pushed her to ineptitude.

The bruise compelled her to change the attitude.

She, disoriented, lay down in platitude.


To pull her out of despondency was a hard task.

To restore her to normalcy was a difficult task.

Alas! she had to undergo a petulant task.

The come back would be an impossible task.


The Child’s Cry

It is a feeble noise soft and shrill

It is something of a sob from afar,

It  evokes  a sensation of chill,

Keeping us in cold so far.


It is a cry of a child a little away,

The little one must be in unbearable pain,

It is an uneasiness which she cannot say,

She sheds tears like an incessant rain.


The mother could not calm her down,

She did what she could in full fast,

The child continued to cry in a drone,

Making everyone sad in aghast.


It went like that for a short duration,

The child then  gradually stopped wailing,

The mother fed her on and off without affectation,

The child then dozed off  in a smooth sailing.


The mother then breaks down uncontrollably,

Slides down the aisle suppressing her fears,

Holding the little one to her bosom closely,

 She sings a lullaby brushing aside her tears.

















The Story of a Family.

It was only  few years back,

The  family’s going was good ,

The pride was  extremely high,

The cheer was delightfully great,

Naturally, its arrogance was exorbitant.


The family made  a loud show off,

A gross vanity was  directly found,

A rudeness was  always practised,

A  total disrespect to all was shown,

Its  impudence was  absolutely unbearable.


Today the scenario has changed,

The progress has been stalled by their insincerity,

Their prosperity has eroded considerably,

Their  prestige has been lost effectively

Still they have not  realised the reality.


It is a pity to see the family ,

Facing a loss of enormous wealth

Seeing its vast properties auctioned,

Experiencing an untold misery and shame,

Still unable to accept the fault which they committed.


Examining the plight of the family straight,

Traced the folly of the person at the helm,

It was an unmindful expansion all through,

Neatly setting aside a sizeable portion for him,

Landing the business in an unprecedented  debacle.


The team of husband and wife strove hard,

Built an empire by thoughtful moves,

Engaged themselves in philanthropic activities,

Handed everything to one son by love or ploy ,

Saw the whole thing crash like a pack of cards.


Favouring a  part of their  own family most,

Shelling out a  fruitful fraction to the other part,

Taking away mercilessly what was given from one child,

Making her languish in disappointment and tears,

Caused the family to suffer immensely.