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My Cough

coughIt was a cough

that was tough

made me uneasy

I felt dizzy

my eyes turned red

I stood baffled instead

how am I to get rid of it?

know not what to do in a bit

I almost broke down

instead of sobs cough came on

Oh! see my plight

it is not light.


A Nightmare

A fortnight it is since 
satisfied with a rinse 
confined to bed all through
 coughed with all might in true
temperature high throughout 
could do nothing in real
 lay there with eyes  on the tile 
a horrible fortnight in all
have scathed through the great fall.

If it recurs once again
know not how to deign
the suffering is one of hardest 
has kept me from all at the farthest
could be termed as a battle 
made me toss in bed with a prattle
talked  disoriented in delirium
lost the coveted equilibrium
a nightmare now gone. 

 almost dead.

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The Smoke

There was a huff and a puff,

There was a loud jarring cough,

There was a heavy sneeze,

A smoke was seen through the trees.


The fire was ignited to burn rubbish,

It lay all around in big heaps,

The fumes butted out in a fleece,

It spoilt the environment’s peace.


It choked the young and old alike,

The lungs had to perform a strike,

Working with wheezing and  halted breath,

Struggling amidst  the spasmodic hearth.



People go about their own way,

Spoiling the habitation in a quick sway,

Inflicting the population with a deal,

Far more criminal than steal.



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Man Makes Them All.

The air around gets  choked,

The voice of most becomes hoarse,

Many cough violently.

A metallic sound emanates –boo,boo.

Fumes rise up from far,

The eyes turn  blood-red,

Tears flow down in  a dizzy.

A sobbing sound gets in         – hiss,hiss,

Vehicles produce carbon  emissions,

Choking man and nature together,

Implicating a catastrophe deliberately.

A chaotic commotion wakes up    – ugh , ugh

Cigar smoking  emit carcinogenic  tobacco

The lungs become weak,

Short of breath triggers fatality.

A silence  is remarkably felt.

Who makes all these?

The powerful  man makes them all,

To aid him  in his ventures plausibly,

A voiceless, cheerless , breathless, dead man emerges.

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An Ode to Cough

The mercury is rising high day by day,

Humidity sets in with  great sigh,

Alas!air cons and fans struggle to cool the sphere,

Brought in by torrid warmth all through the rear.

Perspiration kindles a discomfort in bounds,

The body gets sweltered by the fiery hounds,

An unusual breathing stifles the heart,

As the phlegm in the lungs strikes an onslaught.

The persistent cough comes in quick succession,

With a bow-wow bronchitis eruptions,

The phlegm rolls up the throat  like a ball

Knocking at the respiratory track in frequent calls.

The congestion strikes the vocal cord harshly,

The incessant cough nettles the laryngitis deeply,

A reddish tinge  and an excruciating pain emanates,

As the patient is in a terrible  turmoil stagnates