A Materialistic Dance

A fret and a sweat

could be a  serious bet

yet it is  there always

till man pursues his chase


The thought of money

would jeopardise any

yet the drive is there always

till man pursues his chase.


The feel of envy  as all

leads to jaundice  in the call

yet  jealousy overwhelms always

till man pursues his chase.


The restless mind leaves nothing

being gnawed by each and everything

yet the fever mounts up as always

till man pursues his chase.


Contentment is the King   with a glow

those thick in the involvements do not know

if satisfaction prevails in an expanse

man would not succumb to materialistic   dance






A Nightmare

A fortnight it is since 
satisfied with a rinse 
confined to bed all through
 coughed with all might in true
temperature high throughout 
could do nothing in real
 lay there with eyes  on the tile 
a horrible fortnight in all
have scathed through the great fall.

If it recurs once again
know not how to deign
the suffering is one of hardest 
has kept me from all at the farthest
could be termed as a battle 
made me toss in bed with a prattle
talked  disoriented in delirium
lost the coveted equilibrium
a nightmare now gone. 

 almost dead.


A Fever

A fever in the body
the temperature is high
there sets in a delirium
disoriented feel arises
pain in the neck and head
a discomfort not experienced
the child looks hapless
with eyes full of water
blood-shot and tired
the body shivers in fits
up and down it goes
the child tosses and turns
pity her most is all
I can do in a moment
pray did I with fervour
for her recovery in speed.




With fever raging high
and the eyes going in
feeling the shiver
and pain all over
she was going about
doing her chores
none to help
none to take care
if this goes on
she might
fall dead
in no time
bequeathing Last will not
enormous wealth
but lot of will power
to her children
and grand-children.
to sustain and survive.