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Covering The Ass

Peculiar it sounds

Saying could be

feeling could not be

that be the cover up

the professionals do

save their skin likewise

hold their reputation  similarly

earn lots and lots

at the expense of

the poor,the sick

and the ignorant

go the lawyers,

medical professionals

frightening the people

make them cry

twist in grief

the assuage turns

a threat  and a panic

all of us go through

the turmoil at one point

let us not succumb

let us survive with a strive

be that the culmination

after all it is the will

that triumphs finally.


The Will To Pursue.

The perseverance that counts

it is that which works

nothing would create wonders

but the will to do  really makes out.


This being nothing new on the whole

just a  quality that grows

with a strength  in the deal

time to get across in a heal.


The will to stand upright

whatever might be the outcome

along with the wish to work hard

would bring innumerable advantages.


The perseverance on everything you do

be it studies or research

or be it business and commerce

there you find a validity in your pursuit.


You might wonder at what I am telling

this being the experience in life

an endurance and a focus

that has made me what I am.


It is too late to achieve I felt

but have gained a solace in what I did

I stand assured that I have won

not greatly but to an extent.


This pride Perseverance -1has been with me since my birth

proud of my parentage initially

proud of my qualifications in my student days and after

now proud of what I have won to sustain.






Act On Time

Act when it is necessary
as deferring would cause misery
as delay would bring in a lethargy
causing a state of inactivity largely.

Strike it with force as much as you could
never give chance to reiterate in the likelihood
as the time given would land you in trouble unforeseen
as deals would creep up from corners unknown.

Experience makes me write these in verse
as undue tolerance has ended me in terse
enforcing a struggle none should go through
as it has seized much of my courage all through.

Be not secondary to any one at any cost.
Confirm your place at any slot.
Go ahead with your plans with strong will
get going with antime assertive kill.


The Strong Will

A strong-willed person
lacks a strong physique
With a frail body
and very less immunity
he contracts infection
every now and then
Getting over one
he catches another
which drain his resources
making him weak and tired
but with his determination
overcomes these discomforts
moving along with the world
participating in every event
emerging successful
proving that strength of mind
sustains the spirit than the body.frail


Small Becomes Big.

Going up into the sky
the little bird vanished from the eye.
It looked like a speimages (21)ck down from here
then it became a so small and disappeared.
How high the little one goes? made me wonder
Hoe tiny it is but flies higher and higher.
Amazed at the velocity with which it flew
and the speed with which it took off in lieu
made me stand aghast at the power of the little one.
Teaching me a lesson that small has to considered
The strength has nothing to do with size.
It lies in within the mind and the many tries
go ahead with a will and determination
making small big and big small.



With fever raging high
and the eyes going in
feeling the shiver
and pain all over
she was going about
doing her chores
none to help
none to take care
if this goes on
she might
fall dead
in no time
bequeathing Last will not
enormous wealth
but lot of will power
to her children
and grand-children.
to sustain and survive.

Actions Poem

The Will And The Way

bulging eyesShe has a deep swell
around the eyes.
Bulging it closes the eyes.
it is not painful says she.
it is neither disturbing too.
Amazed at her predilections
I stay confused.

She goes about her way
doing her chores in perfection
With one eye workable
she does perform adorable.
Drives, works, cooks
does gardening too.
Amazed once again
I remain astonished.

it is not the lack
that affects work.
it is not the fault
that cancels actions.
It is the determination
that works wonders.
Where there is a will
there is a way.

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A Dead Man Lives

A man is dead a decade ago,

He still lives in the form of his  ego,

He feigned simplicity while living,

Know not why he desired wealth after dying.

Does not it sound quite  contrary ?

Nay not it looks real contradictory,

Living want more to hold – comprehensible

Dying long more to hoard-incomprehensible.

The will of a testator is a documentary evidence,

Reveals  his  wishes and   implantable  reference,

Dividing  his estate among the beneficiaries  ,

 By imposing   fair and justifiable decrees.

This specific testator of talk,

Kept  himself  the entire block,

Delivered them to his executors,

To  carry out his  last wishes and  orders.

The testament  is interpreted different

In countries of his  estates inherent,

Bequeathing  to sons in one land,

Endowing to grandsons in the other land.

Whimsical as it may appear to all

Mischievous in real  sense to call,

Rendering a laborious legal  toil,

To sort out the entangled coil.

The dead man is   turning in his grave,

Recalling his wishes in a save,

He is dead for long in body,

He is alive till now in his “Last Wills”  body


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The Will To Live.

The will to live is an impetus,

 As tt takes us along the ups ,

 While it makes us  cross the downs,

 Since it helps us to endure  the rigid,

 But  it pulls us to  jump over odds,

When it invokes a beatitude,

It infuses a smile,

As it  sweeps through a storm,

It implies a relief,

Thus restoring a grand refreshment,

Through a dedicated reference.