Crazy They Are.

Sitting on the road side bench
looking at the shoppers around
each one buying things so many
leaving nothing out of any
glasses not one or two but ten
baskets of straw,bamboo in another tens
mugs and earthenware altogether in dozens
pillows and quilts in piles without reasonshoppers
where do they go and stock these all?
had an intention to give a call
and invite someone to a talk
just to find out why they buy so many?
Gave up the idea after great deliberation
fearing they might think of me as an aberration.
bemused and at the same time amazed
watched them purchase everything with a craze.

Actions Poem

The Will And The Way

bulging eyesShe has a deep swell
around the eyes.
Bulging it closes the eyes.
it is not painful says she.
it is neither disturbing too.
Amazed at her predilections
I stay confused.

She goes about her way
doing her chores in perfection
With one eye workable
she does perform adorable.
Drives, works, cooks
does gardening too.
Amazed once again
I remain astonished.

it is not the lack
that affects work.
it is not the fault
that cancels actions.
It is the determination
that works wonders.
Where there is a will
there is a way.

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The Other Side Of The Bridge

The bridge over a river is steep and high,

The newly laid tar shimmer over the fly,

Vehicles big and small get ahead in a ply,

As the bright sun descends into the sky



This side of the bridge is gay and merry,

The  prospects of growth are too many,

Traders heap penny over penny,

As there arises an enrichment sunny.


That side of the bridge is too desolate,

The lack lustre trends cause a violate,

The shrill cries of the famished is articulate,

As there emanates a frustration isolate.


Amazing to see a difference in so short awhile,

Delighted by the mirth  experienced in great style,

Dejected by the misery felt in  a deprived travail,

Tears gush up  thwarting the feigned veil.