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Merry Christmas

Come every year the Christmas
a festival of candles
honouring the birth of Christ
a gesture in a way very amazing and sprite
a significance with all merits
that be not only a birthday of the Lord
but be a recapture of his faith and brand
a renewal of his teachings
a virtual celebration as it looks now
being a convenient escapism from the cult
Christianity preaches love and kindness
mercy and sympathy carry the impetus
violence and hatred never in the syllabus
tells us to embrace every soul with a lovely smile
that takes us with a distinction across the miles
Do we see such kindred spirit as of now?
Have to hunt for such souls through the brow.
That again is an exercise to no avail
Setting aside the mission for a while
Wishing all a Merry Christmas
and a Happy Nnew-merry-christmas-quotes lovers 2013ew Year.

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The Other Side Of The Bridge

The bridge over a river is steep and high,

The newly laid tar shimmer over the fly,

Vehicles big and small get ahead in a ply,

As the bright sun descends into the sky



This side of the bridge is gay and merry,

The  prospects of growth are too many,

Traders heap penny over penny,

As there arises an enrichment sunny.


That side of the bridge is too desolate,

The lack lustre trends cause a violate,

The shrill cries of the famished is articulate,

As there emanates a frustration isolate.


Amazing to see a difference in so short awhile,

Delighted by the mirth  experienced in great style,

Dejected by the misery felt in  a deprived travail,

Tears gush up  thwarting the feigned veil.