Not made A Penny

Not made a penny
why not? you may ask
How to? I do not know
as I am not a writer of merit
I had not got any credit
write for what? you may ask
I would say it is a passion.
Passion will not help, you say
really it helps me
How? you may ask.
Yes, I say with a feel
I pour out my emotions
will it lend a sustenance?
you barrage me with queries
I repeat “I have not made a penny.”
you walk away with anger
believe me or not, I cry
I have not made a penny.
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Actions Poem

One A Penny,Two A Penny.

imagesOne a penny two a penny
hot cross bun
goes the rhyme
when pennies were of worth.
now they are pennies
with a puny limit.
Escalation in prices
has reached the sky.
Gold and silver prices
rock up and down
with the fall too little
while the rise is too high.
The land value is exciting
prompting the landed to sell
and become landless.
With the cost becoming dear
travels to places near
provides pleasures nominal.
Where are we moving in the sojourn ?
In prices trying to reach the sky.
In existence going deep down
singing the rhyme
one a penny two a penny
hot cross bun.

Actions break Experience Sydney thoughts

The Panorama

The skies open out to the sea,

The ocean turns out to the shore,

The land climbs up to the mounts,

The  hillocks clamber to the skies,

The tall Tower Eye stands alone,

Massive structures  run around,

 Marble pillars  hold high the domes,

Displaying  a concept of high and low.


Up ,up goes the tower in a terrible high,

The Sydney Bridge  across hold our eye,

The Opera House  concert flows into the ears,

Activities around Darling Harbour  catch the  nerves.



The mighty  Ocean flows unperturbed,

Men move about in a mangled queue,

Vehicles ply about in an orderly  slow,

The trains go about duty bound.



Boats sail over the water,

Ferries transport men and matter,

Ships stream over the deep waters,

Planes conquer the skies.


It  is business all through,

Starting from penny to dollars,

A transaction performed  all through,

Confirming a task  of a meritorious skill.

subscriptions thoughts

The Other Side Of The Bridge

The bridge over a river is steep and high,

The newly laid tar shimmer over the fly,

Vehicles big and small get ahead in a ply,

As the bright sun descends into the sky



This side of the bridge is gay and merry,

The  prospects of growth are too many,

Traders heap penny over penny,

As there arises an enrichment sunny.


That side of the bridge is too desolate,

The lack lustre trends cause a violate,

The shrill cries of the famished is articulate,

As there emanates a frustration isolate.


Amazing to see a difference in so short awhile,

Delighted by the mirth  experienced in great style,

Dejected by the misery felt in  a deprived travail,

Tears gush up  thwarting the feigned veil.