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Would We See Peace ?

The world is so big and small
big in the area it covers
small in the mind it holds
a contradiction could be in that
big and small go together good and bad

The land and water the world has
extends from the Arctic to Antartic
the minds the world possesses
ranges from religious majority and minority
those being Christianity, Islam and Hinduism.

With the vast scope available world-wide
found in commercial and connectivity
the mind still nurtures a hatred, fanaticism
instigating a riot and a rebellion in every place
with a siege and terrorism all too much to accept.

The fear to live goes accompanied by an attack
the innocent in an exclusive cafe held hostage
scared and shaky they stay there for hours
the man with a gun sets off all of a sudden
with the big world being rattled and shattered..

Today it is Sydney, yesterday it was Mumbai
tomorrow it could be any city or hamlet
Where could we sleep in peace?
Where would we wake up happy?
expecting a day that would dawn
and a day that wouldSydney Siege see dusk in bliss.


The Tornado

The morning dew glimmering in the grass

with the cloud turning dark in gross

the forecast goes for heavy rain

the stage being all set for a tornado and pain

the people all getting back home in haste

with the schools closing for the day by noon  at half past

the much awaited predicament came down horribly

with such a force and violence very terrible

blowing off the roof of a cinema house in a wink

disturbing the prestigious Westfield mall to a shrink

the  suburban railway station coming to a halt suddenly

with eight being injured in a mishap  deadly

and a woman became numb in the library

unable to speak and move in the quandary

all through the windy storm with a shock rude

helicopters made much noise  in the  air

as they rounded on the skies with  care

ready for any emergency operations necessary

with the ambulances plying up and down incessantly

the northern Sydney  suburb  Hornsby

had a dreadful afternoon altogether  Hornsby


Actions break Experience Sydney thoughts

The Panorama

The skies open out to the sea,

The ocean turns out to the shore,

The land climbs up to the mounts,

The  hillocks clamber to the skies,

The tall Tower Eye stands alone,

Massive structures  run around,

 Marble pillars  hold high the domes,

Displaying  a concept of high and low.


Up ,up goes the tower in a terrible high,

The Sydney Bridge  across hold our eye,

The Opera House  concert flows into the ears,

Activities around Darling Harbour  catch the  nerves.



The mighty  Ocean flows unperturbed,

Men move about in a mangled queue,

Vehicles ply about in an orderly  slow,

The trains go about duty bound.



Boats sail over the water,

Ferries transport men and matter,

Ships stream over the deep waters,

Planes conquer the skies.


It  is business all through,

Starting from penny to dollars,

A transaction performed  all through,

Confirming a task  of a meritorious skill.