The Tornado

The morning dew glimmering in the grass

with the cloud turning dark in gross

the forecast goes for heavy rain

the stage being all set for a tornado and pain

the people all getting back home in haste

with the schools closing for the day by noon  at half past

the much awaited predicament came down horribly

with such a force and violence very terrible

blowing off the roof of a cinema house in a wink

disturbing the prestigious Westfield mall to a shrink

the  suburban railway station coming to a halt suddenly

with eight being injured in a mishap  deadly

and a woman became numb in the library

unable to speak and move in the quandary

all through the windy storm with a shock rude

helicopters made much noise  in the  air

as they rounded on the skies with  care

ready for any emergency operations necessary

with the ambulances plying up and down incessantly

the northern Sydney  suburb  Hornsby

had a dreadful afternoon altogether  Hornsby