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Remarkable as They Are

The fathomless ocean flows silent

the huge mountains remain still

the elaborate sky is sullen

the  entire land appears quiet .


The small pond besides flows in ripples

the tiny hillocks never remain noiseless

the tiny stars  create  a sensational twinkle

the piece of land called cities indulge in a commotion.


Could we not see the distinctions as such?

the massiveness retains a sobriety

preserves a dignity  and an effusive stoicism

a realization of being great and grand as much .


Could we not feel the  awesomeness as such?

the passive watchfulness of one so high

compared to the  noise of the small timers

a meaningless jibber  jabber incoherent as such.


The sullenness of the great is prudence

their thoughts being sublime as all

those of which make noise  bear no wisdom

being one of an empty vessel in reference.fathomless_by_kittygrade-d5cgt2o


The One So Excellent.

Unfathomable as the ocean

deep and intense  in thoughts

she brooks no erosion

she being taught

the value of life  in all

she being disciplined as well

not to speak  ill nor lies  tall

the words she lets out in few

carry a significance great in due

a lady with an ingenuity in focus

dignified she walks in status

the one whom I admire from a distance

being one who commands high reverence

could she be noted as one of distinct reference.







Ocean Of Wisdom

The water was flowing down the stone

so were the thoughts going down in a tone

the ripples caused a furore  in the swirl

the ideas brought in a fervour in the twirl

the water went up and down in force

the thoughts rose  high and low through the course

the tide ended into the ocean Ocean Of wisdomin the stage

the  reflections merged into wisdom  in a range.


The Mighty Ocean

The mighty ocean is still

unusual in its behave

movements without a kill

seems to be not brave.

The mighty ocean is quiet

different from the regular

tidal waves without a fight

apparently not in a prefer.

The mighty ocean is sullen

flows without a tremor

rises up almost done

falls down in a murmur.

The mighty ocean is peculiar

soft and sweet nowadays

strange in its behaviour

dances gleefully with a grace.mighty ocean

The Temperature and Tide.

The wave be it heat or tide
signifies a change, a flutter
the one rises up with a vengeance
the other crosses over with an indulgence
both being overwhelming and stifling.

The temperature jumpheat wavetidal waves up
the warmth ascends in fahrenheit or Celsius
the waves go up with a force
the speed in meters and miles
both throw an effective insurgence.

The furious sun and the ocean
cause a havoc tedious
extrication from these elements
might prove fatal and devastating
with the sun stroke and epidemics on the rise
along with the loss of life and material
all in the go with the disaster pronounced

The Ruminations

The ruminationsruminations of the ocean
along with the reverberation of the waves
with the roaring wind blowing
arousing a fastidious resonance.

Nice to watch the sea forever
great to walk over the beach sand
lovely to watch the blue waters
flowing nonstop with a reverberation.

The wind laden with salt strikes the face
which becomes sticky in trace
the awe-inspiring ocean over the beachfront
kindles a thrill and excitement with fun.

The good part of the Ocean being so delightful
the wrong side of it is bewildering
the bewitching stretch of water at times
becomes unruly turning all topsy-turvy.

There being two sides of the coin
one leading to the other
a face shown being pleasant
a face invisible turning horrible.