In An Over.

The fathomless ocean roars
the high mountains oversee
the valleys look up
the flat lands go in stretch
with the sky looking down
along with its glittery stars
all through morn and night
thus goes the world
with a toss in an over.skies

Beauty Haiku

The valley-Haiku.

valleyThe lovely valley
has many ups and downs
difficult to tally

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Green Call.

greenIt is a green valley.

Green grass shines  all the way.

Green leaves  glitter round the bay.

Green hedges have a lovely say.


Green signifies prosperity.

Greens  deliver immunity.

Green indicates get ready.

Green   triggers growth steady.


It is the lush green that brings  cheer.

It s the lively green that drops  dear.

It is the bottle green that attracts all near.

It is the leaf green that  expresses nothing to fear.


So much so green greets  all  .

Green  carries an enthusiastic call.

Green  sets the tune  of a  crawl.

Green gives an impetus  without a brawl..