Think Not of Anything .

Fascinated by nature’s beauty

even a grass hold me for a while.


A twig is one of interest

it’s shapes, branches, and brittleness

make me wonder at the dispositions

the facets of the natural dimensions.


I see leaves all over 

 one small, one big and the other broad 

 the lines running through them 

 the shapes  tell us to which they belong.


I spend most of my time 

 engaged in such an experience 

that way I am blessed 

 not thinking of any other unwanted’twig






beckon charm door entice entry Poetry welcome. greet

The Stringed Mango Leaves

Beautifully stringed mango leaves

hung on the entry door

a sign of welcome in Indian houses

put up during auspicious occasions

they look so enticing and seem to greet

a charm  spreads mango leaves with an extension

as they dangle in the gentle breeze

seem to beckon you with a warm smile

address you in a pleasant voice

“come home”. “come home”

“you are most welcome”

a solicitation with a cordiality

never any human could express

a gesture cannot be imitated

practiced from time immemorial

Monotony Poetry scenario

The Fall of leaves And Snow.

The leaves fall in autumn

makes the trees bare.

The snow falls in winter

makes one stare.

The rustle of leaves

and the spread they do

the  sheet of ice

and the wonderful scenario

give a  natural sequence

one that of a  yellowish attire

spreads charm and warmth.

Pure with a delinquency

seems the whitish  fleece

remember the land  has a choice

its  facelifts with a tweeze

knows that monotony is drab

only  colour adds to the glow leaves

this quality renders a love

yellow that of a pleasure

while white lends a purity

that be so with  the  earth  not alone

stretches to all elements in a tone.

age. pain. Poetry responsible tender

The Child Folds

The child with tired eyes

sits there with no choice

goes about in endless tries

folds the leaves in speed

knows not its end-use and need

the tenderness of the hand is lost indeed.

wrinkled the tiny fingers look

mangled they seem almost hooked

yet the tiny hands manipulate  without brook

with tears in the eyes  welling beedi_1

and pain in the face pricking

a meagre amount in the pocket filling

the innocent eight-year-old turns responsible.


The Nuances Of Transition

The days fly away.

The leaves fall down,

The winds surge above.

The thoughts range behind,

There is a movement always

whatever be the posture

there be an up and down

that of a sideways expanse too.

The revolution of the earth around the sun.

The rotation of the earth on transitionits own axis .

The waning and waxing of the moon

all tell us about the motion

The waves coming in and going out

The sky clear turning cloudy.

The day becoming night,

all tell us about the changes routine.

The physic robust tending to become weak.

The youth in form aging to old in frailty

That be the nuances of transition

implying an intrinsic worth and flight

Beauty leaves. Poem

A Leaf Talk

Leaves bright and erect
talks about weather correct.
Leaves green and shining
tells us of the binding.
Leaves fluttering and jostling
invite us to a celebration dazzling.
Leaves possessing medical ingredients
grant us a cure for most ailments.
The disposable we talk of now
were seen in leaves years before.


Actions Anger Poem

A Break Down.

The auto gate stopped working.
Pressing the remote with force
tried the best to induce moving.
Lo! it creaked hoarse.

It remained stubbornly stuck.
It was late in the night.
Shook the gate with a pluck.
It remained fastidiously tight.

Afraid to stand alone in the lane.
as there started thunder and lightning.
Lost patience and soon became insane
Heavy torrential rain started pouring.

Fully drenched I kicked the gate.
It was as adamant as a mule.
Cursing badly the fate
Got hold of a rusty tool.

With the tool lifted the railings from below.
Dried grass and leaves lay settled there.
Pulled the coarse stuff from the hollow.
It gave a clearance without a snare.

Drying my hand with a tissue.
Wiping the water from the face
expecting no probable issue
pressed the remote in phases.

Slowly the jam got released.
The gate moved with hiccups.
I was immensely pleased
as the gate went through a lap up.

auto gate.

Actions Beauty Enlightenment Enrichment Experience feelings interest. Poem thoughts Wealth Wish

Versification Without Effort.

poetryWriting a few lines of verse
writing a few verses in form
writing with a form of rhymes
writing rhymes with sound effect.
is a skill rare to be found.

Leaves grow from trees.
Trees come up from the soil
Soil picks up the minerals from depth
Making it a natural sequence.
Eliminating anything artificial.

Poetry is spontaneous.
Coming out in speed at the moment
Jumping out with force from the heart.
Correlating the events to the full
Enabling a read most pleasant.

Words emerge with ease.
Clothing the thoughts with grace.
The rhythm flows gently.
Adorning the tone with tunes lively.
Making it an experience most memorable.

Actions Beauty Creation Enlightenment Enrichment Evolution Experience Looks Poem thoughts

Green Call.

greenIt is a green valley.

Green grass shines  all the way.

Green leaves  glitter round the bay.

Green hedges have a lovely say.


Green signifies prosperity.

Greens  deliver immunity.

Green indicates get ready.

Green   triggers growth steady.


It is the lush green that brings  cheer.

It s the lively green that drops  dear.

It is the bottle green that attracts all near.

It is the leaf green that  expresses nothing to fear.


So much so green greets  all  .

Green  carries an enthusiastic call.

Green  sets the tune  of a  crawl.

Green gives an impetus  without a brawl..














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Sprucing Up

The garden was stocked with fallen leaves,

Gathering them up was a task in a fleece,

There was an uninterrupted fall from trees,

Leaves came down slowly after a gentle breeze.


Green and yellow leaves  lay scattered without a cease,

Twigs small and big landed down in the crease,

They made the garden look like a messy freeze,

Inadvertently it seemed an entertainment set to please.


Cleaning up was a target beyond reach,

Finding a team was a difficult breach,

The work had to be done with a screech,

As there was no time to impeach.


Like the dry leaves thoughts crowd

The mind quivers in a desperate shroud,

Sprucing it up seems to be a task loud,

Resuming equanimity is like a falling cloud. 


The imbalance strikes hard mercilessly,

Reviewing it generates apprehension enormously,

 Yet gardens could be swept and cleaned spotlessly,

 But the mind  withholds the trials though not erroneously.