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Versification Without Effort.

Anything natural is to the liking.

poetryWriting a few lines of verse
writing a few verses in form
writing with a form of rhymes
writing rhymes with sound effect.
is a skill rare to be found.

Leaves grow from trees.
Trees come up from the soil
Soil picks up the minerals from depth
Making it a natural sequence.
Eliminating anything artificial.

Poetry is spontaneous.
Coming out in speed at the moment
Jumping out with force from the heart.
Correlating the events to the full
Enabling a read most pleasant.

Words emerge with ease.
Clothing the thoughts with grace.
The rhythm flows gently.
Adorning the tone with tunes lively.
Making it an experience most memorable.

By meenas17

A lover of classical Carnatic music.
An avid reader, passionate writer, into stocks and investments for livelihood

3 replies on “Versification Without Effort.”

Last night was another, ‘Poetry Night,’ seem’s to happen quite often, while I’m at work, I’ve learned to just grab, some paper and a pen, all though my duties, I try never to shirk, I know it seem’s odd, to wrestle with words, organising thoughts,into a rhyming form, But see a ‘Poet’ must follow, the poetry, for the ‘Poet’, it is simply ‘the norm’, A story or a phrase, spoken ‘here’ or ‘there’, and off goe’s the ‘Poet’s’ mind, in a whirl, They’ll plan it in their mind, put it down in print, smoothing it, like an oyster’s pearl, Conceiving, then seeing the thought take shape, is an experience, as exciting as can be, Caught up in the ‘flow’, of structure and rhyme, just another night of writing, ‘Poetry’.

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