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Fire On The Mountain.

fire on the mountainA fire suddenly broke out.
The red flames spread throughout.
It was rising up and up without a doubt.
The steam was radiating heat unbearable round about.

The fireman fought with excess clout.
They got stifled in the way out.
The fire created a total rout.
The inmates were letting out a loud shout.

Struggling the fire brigade saved many in a tout.
They got burns extensively in a bout.
Braving the fire they resumed their work with heart stout.
They did save all lives from being burnt out.

A few men do heroic deeds in a term out.
They perform not for honour in a try out.
They do out of compassion mostly in a line out.
Such people are to be worshipped in a fold out

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Have You Seen Him?

short manHe smiles silly.
Looks empty-headed really.
Makes gestures funny.
Has a voice grumpy.

He is short.
Appears like a snort.
Tempers are at times hot.
He stands out from the lot.

He by himself is a comedy.
Respected not by anybody.
Tries to attract everybody.
Lo! he fails miserably.