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Elegy On Nirbhaya

unaware of the  chaotic crash.

The bus was on a joy ride

carrying five passengers alone in a side.

It was a late hour in the night.

The girl was taken by fright.

as thee men knocked her male companion unconscious

She was  gang raped brutally noxious.

Leaving her half dead almost.


She lay on the roadside pathetic

Her intestines peeped out tragic.

Medical world was left in a dilemma

as  she was suffering from severe oedema. 

An uproar tore Delhi into pieces.

Casting the governance into seizures.

The medical intern fought vainly

Finally  she died a  death ghastly.

Leaving the world to pine eternally.








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Mango And Guava

mango treeguavasThe mango tree is fluttering  cheerfully in the garden.

The guava tree stands  solemnly grim with a heavy burden.

A whiff of air blows all of a sudden.

The treesdangle vigorously  with fruits heavily laden.

The fall of little mangoes  makes the heart sadden.

The ripe yellow guavas come down in dozens.

The mango and guava  are  a subtle reference

to the world’s impermanence.