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Solemn—— Stately As it Is

Solemn and sullen he is

attentive and focused he is

never a word out of context

never gets angered at the behest

a man of means and matter

talks not in a flatter

the man is of great strength

to him and  to his kin in length

could rely on him at times of need

not engages in extraneous deeds

thoughtful and helpful at all times

not do I eulogise him for any benefit

I know not him personally a bit

he is a person you can trust

does not leave anything to rust

hard to find such men and their calibre

he is one such who would take you across the river

solemn is the apt word to describe him

he who surfaces from the dim.

contemplation Poetry

Solemn In Turn.

An understanding of what I have

a thought so  deep and intense

could never turn into a pretence

well, that is what I have.

A contemplation of the events I see

they seem to be bizarre to view

I could not see them anymore with glee

they are to be  purported to a vision  blue.

The slide show I would like to call them

come one by one in a sequence

the one overlapping the other in quantum

would lead to an awareness in a piquancy.

With an awakening and a rise

counting the results in a column

shedding of the pretext and disguise

should turn sobsolemner and solemn.

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Mango And Guava

mango treeguavasThe mango tree is fluttering  cheerfully in the garden.

The guava tree stands  solemnly grim with a heavy burden.

A whiff of air blows all of a sudden.

The treesdangle vigorously  with fruits heavily laden.

The fall of little mangoes  makes the heart sadden.

The ripe yellow guavas come down in dozens.

The mango and guava  are  a subtle reference

to the world’s impermanence.



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The Dimensions Of Half.

The conspiracy  hatched  is half way through.

The dealing is a  half-hearted attempt in view.

The discussion seems to be  half over without a clue.

The outcome is dead, half dead , true.


He enters the scene  with half a mind

He seems to be half awake not totally blind.

He looks half mad without a slightest bind.

He is partially  half dumbfounded  delivering nothing kind.




Half of anything looks good.

Half of anything appears  bad too.

Half of all things describes plenty.

Half of all things  depict a frugality  too


The price quoted is  only half the value.

  Proposing an arbitrary half pursue.

The fixation would bring half the revenue.

Recording  an unproductive reconciliation all through.





The lips curve half denoting a weary smile.

The eyes cast a half look expressing a guile.

The speech is half-baked exposing a frivolous pile.

The gait is half  strained illustrating a peevish style.


 The idea half usurps the feasibility most often.

The thought half pitches every now and then.

The outcome  half delineates an uneasiness in turn.

The plausibility of half directs an unsure  enthusiasm solemn.


reverberation subscriptions thoughts turmoil

Devastating It Is

Floods across the world  cause a quick havoc,

Quakes around the world   create a speedy ravage,

Droughts on and off bring about an unbearable famine,

So goes the nature’s mentality in destruction.



The lovely landscapes that  are  found throughout,

Of mountains aiming to reach the sky,

Of blue oceans  tossing  up and down,

Portray Nature’s wonderful gift.



The desolate trends  expose a melancholy,

Leaving the hearts saddened to a standstill

The beautiful scenario expresses a solemnity,

Mellowing the  minds reconciled  to a quaint silence.



Devastating is indeed an enigma,

As it indicates to a rude chaos,

As well it points out to a stunning  attraction,

Picturing itself as an oxymoron.