Tongue in Cheek

Known for his humour
could be a satire at times
he speaks so well
engages the audience
talks about one pin pointedly
means another unconsciously
allLight Transcending web with a subtle difference
with a hit and a prick
eliciting the pros and cons
with an impact
a powerful language it is
nice to hear and read.


Beautiful and Lovely

Beautiful refers to the looks alone
lovely corresponds to the whole
this being the inference I read just now
How far is it exact?
I do not know.

Beautiful is an impression
it being a something extra ordinary
not only the features in particular
being also the surroundings altogether
this being so of a scenery in all.

Beautiful is an exclamation
while seeing a person or architectural marvel
that which captures the eye in particular
captivating the spirit altogether
being an indication of exaltation.

Lovely, imagesFPY8M5S1they say is an endearing quality
need not point out to the looks alone
being focused on a lively interaction
a charm in speech and behaviour
that being also felt not seen.

Lovely, is one that officiates an affection
coming from the depth of the heart
being very intense and significant
getting through the whole being with rapture
being a process of enchantment

There being s subtle difference , no doubt
with beautiful and lovely being both imagesV4BZJ89Abreath-taking
a desire to see once again being predominant
that both these words connote to a qualification
that being sublime and unique in the presence.


The Power Of Love.

A call in the early hours

came from a senior lady

not for anything serious

but for a help really

though not a very big obligation

nor an expensive deal rather

being a small purchase in supposition

that of a zari dhoti   in grandeur

she still is overseeing meticulously

the husband’s  need  in detail

wanting to complete his  wardrobe carefullyzari

with this special buy in retail

loving to see him attired so  finely

for the forthcoming festival

Diwali  the  one of lights  mainly

expressing her love for him subtly.





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Mango And Guava

mango treeguavasThe mango tree is fluttering  cheerfully in the garden.

The guava tree stands  solemnly grim with a heavy burden.

A whiff of air blows all of a sudden.

The treesdangle vigorously  with fruits heavily laden.

The fall of little mangoes  makes the heart sadden.

The ripe yellow guavas come down in dozens.

The mango and guava  are  a subtle reference

to the world’s impermanence.