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The Stringed Mango Leaves

Beautifully stringed mango leaves

hung on the entry door

a sign of welcome in Indian houses

put up during auspicious occasions

they look so enticing and seem to greet

a charm  spreads mango leaves with an extension

as they dangle in the gentle breeze

seem to beckon you with a warm smile

address you in a pleasant voice

“come home”. “come home”

“you are most welcome”

a solicitation with a cordiality

never any human could express

a gesture cannot be imitated

practiced from time immemorial

Poetry solar energy

The Solar Energy Derived By Womenfolk

The sun rises high  nowadays

the households get busy each day

small balls of finely chopped onions

look like red shining minions

when sauteed with salt, chilly and dhal

laid in neat sheets under the sun

a preparation for the year

followed by rice wafers white and  clear

the indigo brinjal slices come up

with yellow mango slices  joyous to sup

many more delicacies get done

the processes are in a way fun

in  practice  makes use of solar energy

long back consumed by our womenfolk in synergymango slices


Honey Being Sweet.


Honey is sweet everyone knows

it is also slightly bitter many do not know

depending on the source of the collection

everyone should know.

The bees go round the garden

be that of any field for that matter

selecting the best possible resource

setting about with an indulgence.

Sitting on the flower blooming fully well

protruding well ahead from the stalk

the buzzing bees settle strongly on them

pulling out the maximum from the pollens.

The busy bees do go above the branches

that come out of the fruit trees

invariably mango, neem and tamarind

that grow in abundance in the tropics.

The honey from these trees

have a tinge of bitterness and sourness

that which being natural in the fruits they bear

having a potential medicinal value.

The honey that being gathered

get deposited in the racks made by man and nature

where the Queen bee does the extraction

while the honey starts dripping.

The story of honey related the task

that being not sweet as it tastes

quite exasperating as it is seen

yet serving mankind with good cash and kind.

Honey being a word referring to sweet heart

the sweetness ascribed to it comes after a task

an analogy crosses the mind know not why

that true love too comes after serious deliberation.


The Foremost Fruit

mangoLascivious it is
Beautiful it looks.
Colourful it appears
with a tinge of green
and a shade of red
with a spray of yellow
Looking round and plumpy .
Seem to have flesh in excess
posing a picture of happiness
and granting a look of prosperity
the fruit dangles in every shop
during the season in the months
of May and June.
Well, it is a great fruit
affordable and lovable
amorously called Mango.

Actions Experience green Message Poem threat. Transitory

Introspections Strange.

parrotWhat is it high up on the tree?
It is shiny green dancing in a spree.
Is it a fruit hanging down?
Is it a bird looking down?
If it is a fruit it must be a peach
high beyond the reach.
It could also be a mango.
oscillating in a tango.
If it be a bird it must be a parrot
likely to read the destiny like a tarot.
It glitters in the sunlight like a beautiful emerald
the thick green signifies a glorious herald.
It shows a pale green standing for unripe interventions
symbolically leading to many untold intimidation.
Curiously looking it is both fruit and bird.
The bird pecks on the fruit while perched on a woody gird.
Tiny bits fall down from the tree in intervals.
The fruit opens out its flesh in an unravel.
The parrot sucks the lascivious flesh in a stroke.
The seed falls down miserably in a coatless broke.
Oh! there is nothing brilliant high up on the tree.

Actions Beauty Experience fall feelings Life Lost Poem Study subscriptions thoughts Transitory

Mango And Guava

mango treeguavasThe mango tree is fluttering  cheerfully in the garden.

The guava tree stands  solemnly grim with a heavy burden.

A whiff of air blows all of a sudden.

The treesdangle vigorously  with fruits heavily laden.

The fall of little mangoes  makes the heart sadden.

The ripe yellow guavas come down in dozens.

The mango and guava  are  a subtle reference

to the world’s impermanence.