The Queen Of Fruits.

A fruit typical
not very ethical
found in the tropicals
called Mangosteen
has a tough exterior
a red surface on the anterior
while in the interior
lies the white ball
comprises of segments
correspond to the ligaments
found in the external regiment
a calculation by the Creator
the inner energy as felt
equates itself in a duet
with the outer one in a fete.
one balance the other
if not, there could be an imbalance
leading to a diabolical occurrence
of the atmospheric disturbance.

The mangosteen
illustrates in its humility
the juxtaposition in its ability
else, would result  in a status of debility.

The fruit
is the most delectable of all tropical fruits
luscious and evocative as the exotic East
an exact combination of acid and sugar, least
makes one’s mouth water, a delightful feast
hailed as “The Queen of Fruits.”


A Great Diet

The nuts and fruits
the vegetables and milk
the oil and spices
plenty of water in addition
go to make up the diet
one of wholesome
one of healthy
with them equally apportioned
hunger is appeased
thirst is quenched
body is rejuvenated
punctuated with the timely intake
along with a preparation loving
No menu is better than this
no recipe is best
a full circle of all these
and a lively exercise
lend Diet-for-High-Blood-Sugar-416x294 a graceful existence



The fruits on the table
were set on gracefully
looking like the ones in the fable
arranged traditionally
with colours red, yellow being prominent
the rest of the hue remaining in the back
the enrichment that each one provides being deviant
they had been displayed beautifully with a knack
allowing the buyer to go through in leisure
selecting the fruits after checking the quality
purchasing them with a bargain without applying pressure
that being done paying the money immediately
a shopping of fruits went through with the mighty.fruits


Over And Above.

The over and above

there be a branch

butting out from a big tree

where there are many fruits

easily accessible  to everyonedownload (45)

that being  in an enclosed garden

the reach is little tamed

thought the boys did not let it go

they stood up on each other

one over the other like a pile

sufficient to reach the top

got hold of the branch

shaking it brought  the fruits down

while the owner came running with anger

the boys ran off in such speed

while  the owner stood there helpless




The Way We Live.

It was in the evening

the city was teeming

as people went shopping

being a week-end

this being a trend

when people go about swiftly

buying things rather quickly

the groceries  being bought

the vegetables  and fruits 21dhl-grocery-shoppingbeing procured

with that goes the shopping

then comes the home coming

which involves a relax and a  retiring

getting refreshed for the week day

as the days involve work  without any play

making man an idiot and a slave at the same time

as he is running after money all the time

needed to sustain him  and  his family all through


















A Day Or Two Ago.

theru koothuA day or two ago

heard a story of long ago

when men used to work manually

with no electricity to help them

and no other gadgets to assist them.

getting up early in the morn

walked to the place of work

with meals wrapped in leaves

toiled the whole day

and had complete rest  in the evening

with no other distractions

except the weekly fair

and the street dramas enacted

then and there with  songs

without any  orchestra

only the drum and the conch

that lent the beats

They were healthy and robust

eating all natural food mostly raw

vegetables  fresh from the farm

supplemented by fruits and grains .

Their life was easy and lovely

and they did live long

passing at the right age

as no medical facilities prevailed

facilitating a prolong and an extension

perhaps it was an intentional

giving  way to the next generation


An Apple A Day

An apple a day keeps the doctor away
goes the maxim with an emphatic stress
many fruits claim the same way
as they also have nutrition in excess.
Fruits do give adequate vitamins in the fray
while they are new and deliciously fresh
They release a healthy growth on the way
when consumed in right proportional plus.
Every fruit has a lovely taste for sure
Some are sweet and mouth-watering to eat
others are sour but still a delight for ever.
Few are though bitter still tasty beyond beat.
Not apple alone is healthy say the rest in chorus
With pears and grapes claiming the top rank
while mango and tropical fruits call with an arouse
plums and peaches speak out in a voice a bit tanked
the lesser known ones mangostin and durian give a chose
being liked by a few and detested by many keeping away from the bankapple
With their voices heard with a bang and with a whisper altogether
one can conclude that the maxim is just a careless include.


May Morning.

May morning it is
Bright sun and warm weather May flowers
The grass is greener than usual
with lush growth and shining colour.
There is fun and gaiety all around
as the spring has set in.
The children are out in play
looking rosy and cheerful
with the mild sun enhancing
the beauty to a gracious glow.
The birds twitter and fly around
soaking in the sun light making merry.
It is all through a celebration adorable
colorful, sublime. and ravishing.


Actions fear Poem

There It Ends.

Monkeys went up and down the tree
breaking its branches in a spree.
They pulled the fruits down in glee
sharing with the little ones in a moo free.

Chattering they jumped down with a thud.
Moving sprightly over the mud
they caught hold of a stud
which held the electric cable in firm stead.

Stealthily they shook the cable
Slowly they brought it down to the table
snapped it with a bite terrible.
Lo! electrocution turned them into a fable..


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Mango And Guava

mango treeguavasThe mango tree is fluttering  cheerfully in the garden.

The guava tree stands  solemnly grim with a heavy burden.

A whiff of air blows all of a sudden.

The treesdangle vigorously  with fruits heavily laden.

The fall of little mangoes  makes the heart sadden.

The ripe yellow guavas come down in dozens.

The mango and guava  are  a subtle reference

to the world’s impermanence.