The fruits on the table
were set on gracefully
looking like the ones in the fable
arranged traditionally
with colours red, yellow being prominent
the rest of the hue remaining in the back
the enrichment that each one provides being deviant
they had been displayed beautifully with a knack
allowing the buyer to go through in leisure
selecting the fruits after checking the quality
purchasing them with a bargain without applying pressure
that being done paying the money immediately
a shopping of fruits went through with the mighty.fruits


Gross And Grace

Churning out  a fair quantity

Manufacturing  a score of variety,

Indicating a  level of quality,

Standardising the productivity

The grand scenario sets in.



The gross voluminous output,

Synchronizes with the demand,

Realising a sequence of  deference,

 That Conclude  on a trail of high quality,

 As the formidable  realisation marks in.



The produce sets a record,

The target envisaged is reached,

The reference to quality is disclosed,

The resolution  of  fineness is explicit,

That insists on a superiority of style,

Winding up the show with grace and poise.