The fruits on the table
were set on gracefully
looking like the ones in the fable
arranged traditionally
with colours red, yellow being prominent
the rest of the hue remaining in the back
the enrichment that each one provides being deviant
they had been displayed beautifully with a knack
allowing the buyer to go through in leisure
selecting the fruits after checking the quality
purchasing them with a bargain without applying pressure
that being done paying the money immediately
a shopping of fruits went through with the mighty.fruits


The Colour Of Greed

The colour of greed
they say is somewhat yellow
a pale transparent colour it might be
as the translucent delivers the quality
there be an exposition of stealth
there be a delivery of inkling
that of wanting more and more
not being fastened to the bowl
but getting over the river
calling for a desire much more
that of requiring all to one
making others leave to a shun
that be the fallacy of greed
leading to a direction scheming
where the path goes soft and smooth
climbing up with all possessions
know not how to survive
with that comes to an ending 04-08_yellow
a battle of embitterment in the run
shattering the faith and belief
that if there be good
there would certainly be  a reward. 

Actions forte Poem

A La carte.

Eating out has never been my forte.
A little partake would lead me to a doubt
of the ingredients that go to make it out.
The staunch vegetarian in me pops with a force
smelling everything that sends out a smell from the source
Unknowingly I go into the depth of the preparation
attempting to find out the reason for any aberration
unassuming I trace the quality of the flour and dub it inferior
confirming as well the butter that gets into it is not superior
my mind proceeds fervently to qualify them with a peculiar disregard
unnerving the co diners to withdraw from the “a la carte”.
dining out

Actions Compassion concept Evolution Experience kindness Poem

Kindness is grace.

kindnessA smiling nod is a pleasant recognition.
A loving word is a significant appreciation.
A noble thought is a pensive extension.
A supporting act is a remarkable application.
Going out with all these is a relevant attribution.
These should come out effortlessly on all occasions.
These are not practised but are spontaneous distributions.
Spurting out like a natural phenomenon spurning afflictions
Without any formalities to hold on to them is a rigorous configuration.
The nod rightfully calls for a friendly admiration.
The word strongly insists on a personal communications.
The thought staunchly instills a deserving contribution.
While the act succinctly incorporates a valid construction.
The realm of kindness is vast and contains grace in all its perpetuation.

Actions Inspiration Interpretation Poem quality Wisdom

A Call For Quality

It is quality that account all round.

The quality should  profusely abound.

Behaviour should never rebound.

Qualitative dimensions stand around.

Food should never rewound.

Prime quality mark the ground.

Education should never confound.

High quality grants wisdom profound.

Quantity should submit with  bound.

Quality should outweigh all with an emphatic resound.








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What Goes to Make a Man?

The charm in anyone is the sincerity,

Telling things straight directly,

Referring instances exactly,

Hiding nothing wantonly,

Letting bare the facts simply,

Keeping truth as a  basic quality,

Pushing lies down as a sin instantly,

Go to make a man in all credibility.


Socializing in Society

Society forms the world community,

Social denotes the  friendly quality,

Sociality depicts  the interactive tendency,

Socializing illustrates  an associating activity.


The philosophy  of sociality is analytic,

The perception of society has different relativity,

The reasoning of  socializing is distinct in compatibility,

Expanding to all notches of society.


Too much indulgence in sociability,

Exposes a gullible vulnerability,

Too great an anti social activity,

Labels a  perilous incredibility.
Liberal society engages greatly,

Enjoying freedom in all adaptability,

Experiencing a redundancy above the capacity

Finally succumbing to the extra indignity.


A proposal  in society needs a strong sustainability,

Any  move in socializing should be based on a  firm integrity,

A socialist  requires a staunch humility,

That go to enhance the conduct of society.










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Quality And Grades

The quality  is of much importance,

In speech it  delivers eloquence,

In product it evokes  radiance,

In architecture it builds  elegance,

In thoughts it emulates quintessence.


The strain has a  beautiful execution,

It reflects a lovely  rhythmic presentation.

It is founded on a keen delineation,

It works on a clean foundation.

It blossoms into an enigmatic resolution.


Quality is a grade not very much apparent,

It is an inborn and inherent  atonement,

It is a classic  and a rare achievement,

It is a discipline and a fine tenement

It is a virtuous embodiment.


Gross And Grace

Churning out  a fair quantity

Manufacturing  a score of variety,

Indicating a  level of quality,

Standardising the productivity

The grand scenario sets in.



The gross voluminous output,

Synchronizes with the demand,

Realising a sequence of  deference,

 That Conclude  on a trail of high quality,

 As the formidable  realisation marks in.



The produce sets a record,

The target envisaged is reached,

The reference to quality is disclosed,

The resolution  of  fineness is explicit,

That insists on a superiority of style,

Winding up the show with grace and poise.












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The Chagrin

The mind  designs the ploy

Puts in tricky tackle,

Adds in risky raffle,

Finishes with wicked device.


The heart  deliberates on the issue,

Weighs the sadistic purport,

Considers the devilish impact,

Resigns to the satanic move.




The device runs amuck,

Kills a  few

Cripples too many,

Leaves with a berserk.




The consequence is morbid,

The virality is poignant,

The avalanche is sordid,

The frequency is unleashed.




The collision is bloody,

The damage is complete,

The rout is drastic.

The uproot is fearful.



They  the equanimity is lost,

Thus the peace is distorted,

Thus the quietude is sunk,

These be the  residue of chagrin