A Three Letter Word.

A three letter word

could be any word

like to write as many

being them so tiny

starts with a Cat

goes on to mat, rat

down to sad, bad

a cross over there

a jump over here

could lead to a nod

do not call me a bard

I am  but a genial one

knows only this one

very much on own

not so much as won.





Busy Is Her Word.

Busy she is as always

runs here and there in ways

what for she goes?looking_busy_at_work[1]

no one knows .


Busy she is as seen

it is the way she has been

what for she goes?

no one knows.


Busy she poses

it being the way in force

what for she goes?

no one knows.


Busy is her word

it being an escape instead

what for she goes?

no one knows.






harm live Poetry

Great Goes The Word.

Great goes the word

” no harm” are the words

keeps you moving  in turn

well, it is not to spurn

go with it with fun

a way one should live

among the nuances  in drive

forget and forgive in all

think not of the past  at all

go ahead with the futuristic  thoughts

that is the way life has to be fought.keep no harm


The Prize

it is nice
they say
that be the way
a simple word in stay
praises the beauty
appreciates skill greatly
talks of tact pleasantly
weather escapes not rightly
books too enter periodically
that be the use of word nice
it proves to be a prize
need not pay any price.very nice


Nice Word

The word nice being relative in terms
suits all purposes firm
goes with the weather fine
calls the beauty so pristine
depicts the read very well
describes the scenario in a dwell
the nicety is so nice
that holds the breath in tries
the word nice is enamoured
and beautifully enchanted.nice


The Word That Causes

The word of importance

the word which carries weight

the word which commands power

the word that percolates through

the word that demands

the word that ruins

the word destroys

the word that plays havoc

is not anything ecstatic

is not anything lovely

is not anything that is ethical

it is that which we call

some with delight

some others with disgust

even more with scorn

is the word corruption

that has entered everywhere

robbing the morales

depriving the rightful

prospecting the powerful

making them rich in tons

that which we have to condemn

with a vigour and rigour

be it corruption (44)


Help In A Song.

Help sometimes turns a fault

doing it as a service is a default

getting paid for help is wrong

as you can find it in this  song

singing about  help without expectation

be the best source of satisfaction

as helping for a cause on the whole

sends an immense pleasure in the fold

the thought of money should never be

nor does the reciprocal  come with a fee

as and when it is done forget it

never carry the thought in mind in a bit

go on your way as if nothing has been done

get the  help rendered help out of your mind  in turn

that be the cardinal you follow

never having anything in the allow.










Word Of Honour.

HonourLogo_800The words create an image
Careful not to damage
they release a gauge
and a lively engage.

Words are used with care
else they would end up in snare.
Words are lovely share
costing no fare.

Honouring the word impeccably
shows the man discreetly.
As words are one of promise mostly
They are to be uttered with a sensitivity.

A word if it is given
should never be broken
however might it be shaken
It at any cost must be taken.

So much surrounds the words in talk
They enforce an integrity in every walk.
They throw meanings on every stock..
If deployed well words rock.


A Word Of Honour.

Going round the corner
with a word to honour
met a lonely loner
who went away sooner
than expected from the corner.

I went behind him faster
tried to catch him quicker
he went ahead no sooner
away from my sight later
to a place further.

I searched for him now and then
Day in and day out all in tens
could not find him hence
abating the hunt thence
felt depressed since.
lonely corner

Actions Compassion concept Evolution Experience kindness Poem

Kindness is grace.

kindnessA smiling nod is a pleasant recognition.
A loving word is a significant appreciation.
A noble thought is a pensive extension.
A supporting act is a remarkable application.
Going out with all these is a relevant attribution.
These should come out effortlessly on all occasions.
These are not practised but are spontaneous distributions.
Spurting out like a natural phenomenon spurning afflictions
Without any formalities to hold on to them is a rigorous configuration.
The nod rightfully calls for a friendly admiration.
The word strongly insists on a personal communications.
The thought staunchly instills a deserving contribution.
While the act succinctly incorporates a valid construction.
The realm of kindness is vast and contains grace in all its perpetuation.