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Great Goes The Word.

Great goes the word

” no harm” are the words

keeps you moving  in turn

well, it is not to spurn

go with it with fun

a way one should live

among the nuances  in drive

forget and forgive in all

think not of the past  at all

go ahead with the futuristic  thoughts

that is the way life has to be fought.keep no harm

live Poetry

The Country Where You Live

The country where you live

becomes your home soon

faithful you be unto it

never mind your roots

the country of origin has a hold

not too much in the way

the bondage is an affection

not more than that in a play

remember the days you spent

if at all you had lived over there

the adopted one is yours now

you earn our bread over there

provides a shelter to you in short

liberal in its extension

lively in its instigation

well, then be faithful to the land

which had made you grand.751646_14103009590023063161

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Hand To Mouth Existence

I am not ashamed of myself
I have not earned a single penny
I say this quite often to myself
as if it is a citation.

Money favours a few
I am not the one
as I always hunt for it
search with an effort.

Right from my twentieth year
money never stayed with me
it comes and goes
as often and in speed.

I am frugal and pennywise
do not call me pound foolish
as I have not seen a full pound
all the years in my life.

Having lived for a half century and ten
I still look for money everywhere
it trickles from nowhere all the time
I spend whatever I have at that time.

This is the way I have lived so far
happy with what little I have
joyous to do what I like happy go lucky
with none to intercept and overpower.

Does anyone like to live like me?
I see no hands up in acceptance
Oh ! no what a wish I propose
a hand to mouth existence in the goal.