Poetry veneration

Honour English!

English, a language

spoken in a stage

with the British accent

and the American diction

all confuse the Asians

who go by the British spellings

write colour with a “u ”

while the Americans omit the “u ”

the realisation  could have

both “s” and “z” in U.K

while the Americans go with only “z.”

there  be not only these

hundreds of differences

come with a force  and aplomb

Yet the rolling of the tongue

and the emphasis on certain letters

give  English a universal fervour

again the culprit “u” crosses

that way the language goes about

grows not less but more

with the acceptance of all words

from all  languages  across the world

a collection of words all through

making it the most populous one

Oh! let us acclaim English

Let us salute the language

give a big boo to it,”boo,salute

. with a veneration and honour.


Honour her

Unnoticed she lived

Undermined was her gentle nobility

unsung she died.

Quiet she was

Quizzed not she with buoyancy

Quarreled with none.

Lived beyond era

Lively and wise in tone

Legend not known.

Mother of five

modest and pragmatic in approach

mercenary never in thoughts.

Raised the five

rendered all bounties she could

restricted them not.

Liberty she granted

liberal she was with all

languish she not.

Husband so tall

heights he reached with struggle

her hands behind.

A humble soul

alienated by the life’s toll

away she went .

Her life tells

hinder not anybody even for play

heinous would it be.

Sung none about her

Strong she was all the more

Sense dominated her.


The Word Of Honour

Words  they say are expressions
 they do talk about the commitment
 that  brings validity and importance
not coming from the lips  as such
 but evolving from the depth as much.
Reversing and forwarding them
 going about with no inhibitions
telling  anything with no fire
 topping them with lies and  tales
leads to a manoeuvre of convenience
The connivance and contrivance
along with manipulation and masquerading
schedule a great deviation  in the  run
ruining the reverence the words hold
destroying the rapport they command
The value of words being  boundless
exceeding that  of gold and currency
 over and above  billions all the more
as a single word that comes out
has a strength of a powerful gun shot.
With that being so, the words as I know
call for an effort and an execution
sacrificing whatever you have
if the case might be in the proportion
eating back your own words cause disdain..
Words once uttered have to be preserved
not there be any fun or play in its dealing
there being an  honour and reverence
breaking them would be ominous  and irreverent
download (64)the word of honour hold you  high above .




Word Of Honour.

HonourLogo_800The words create an image
Careful not to damage
they release a gauge
and a lively engage.

Words are used with care
else they would end up in snare.
Words are lovely share
costing no fare.

Honouring the word impeccably
shows the man discreetly.
As words are one of promise mostly
They are to be uttered with a sensitivity.

A word if it is given
should never be broken
however might it be shaken
It at any cost must be taken.

So much surrounds the words in talk
They enforce an integrity in every walk.
They throw meanings on every stock..
If deployed well words rock.


Move Out.

The leader was gently alighting
“Move out, Move out”images (72) came the signalling.
The people were driven from the thoroughfare.
As the man got down from his Mercedes grandly
Guards lined up forming a net around him beefing up the security
Waving he got down and walked down the path way
with all smiles and cheer through the gateway.
There was a guard of honour well tuned
with the march past and orchestral concert
The Leader then addressed the crowd throwing an air
bringing in his achievements in the speech with care
The meeting came to a close with the guards
once again shouting “Move Out”
making way for the leader’s departure with every one out.


A Word Of Honour.

Going round the corner
with a word to honour
met a lonely loner
who went away sooner
than expected from the corner.

I went behind him faster
tried to catch him quicker
he went ahead no sooner
away from my sight later
to a place further.

I searched for him now and then
Day in and day out all in tens
could not find him hence
abating the hunt thence
felt depressed since.
lonely corner

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Honourable Thou Art.

She has reached the threshold of fame.

She is a lady with a name.

Everyone, for sure, has a name.

Her personality gives  a shot to the name.


She has an air of splendour.

She extends an affable render.

She  is elegant and slender.

She exhibits a graceful tender.


She is a recipient of the highest honour.

Awards and prizes come to her  from all corners.

She remains the most spectacular donor.

She distributes. all her prize money to the loners.

Her philanthropy  adds to her glamour.

She commands a spontaneous reverence.

Her charisma delivers an effervescence.

Her bent of mind  marks a noble reference.

Her style calls for a valid  observance.

No wonder, she is  a lady of brilliance. 

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Clinton Unveils His Own Statue.

Strange it sounds.!

Stranger it  looks.!!

Strangest  experience.!!!

Statues are erected in honour of a leader ,who has done yeoman service to society.

Clinton is considered as a hero by the Kosovo’s ethnic society of Albania. Many onlookers braved the freezing temperature to witness the function.

The former president launched NATO’s bombing campaign against Yugoslavia in 1999.The brutal attack of the Serb forces on the community was retaliated by this move. Kosovo since became independent.

The eleven feet , gold sprayed statue, weighing a ton  is based on top of a white tiled base, in the middle of a tiny square,surrounded by communist era buildings .Clinton stands with his left arm raised ,holding a portfolio bearing his name and date  of NATO started bombing  March 24,1999.10,000 ethnic Albanians were killed, and 80o,000  people were forced out of their homes.Some 1000 U. S soldiers are still in Kosovo as part of NATO’s strong 14,000 force.

 The gesture is a novel citation to a man who brought peace and safety to the land. The  people of Kosovan have given a rare treat to Clinton  by asking him to unveil his own statue.

It is an out of box thinking by the people of Kosovo.

It is a fantastic moment of honour for Bill Clinton.

It is an event non pareil