Poetry powerful sharp together.

Fame, Power, Briliiance

He being famous

seems to be powerful

a natural combination.

He being powerful

thinks he is very sharp

not a combination.

Power and fame

go together not the brilliance

in fame, power, brillianceanyway together.


The Medallion

A medallion  could be

a decoration to see

honours who wears

a design to care

could be for bravery

also for  the integrity

might refer to discipline

an excellence of shine

military credentials in strength

academic   brilliance in depth

peace efforts a culmination

scientific research in improvisation

anyone who acquires medallion

feels not insecure

could hold hid head high

would not hide  in shy

a reward  very precious

an  award covetous

all try  hard towards

a fortunate few  go forward

the reach of the medallion is extensive

the pride it gives is intensive.

Actions Enrichment Experience Poem Power rich thoughts

Friendliness is Cheer

friendlinessA gentleman comes out stately with a smile.
He wins everyone with a charming smile
He speaks in a measured tone.
He interacts in a subdued tone.
Helping out with open hands is his way of life.
Lending a hand to the needy is part of his life.
He assists those in dire straits for no return.
His good thought enforces a frequent return.
He gets deep into their crisis for no gain.
He gives them solace which is their gain.
His face is like a beautiful flower.
It exudes warmth and cheer as if one sees a flower.
His face reflects an extraordinary brilliance.
Well, it is the overwhelming friendliness found in exuberance.

Beauty Enlightenment Experience Inspiration Interpretation Lesson thoughts

Honourable Thou Art.

She has reached the threshold of fame.

She is a lady with a name.

Everyone, for sure, has a name.

Her personality gives  a shot to the name.


She has an air of splendour.

She extends an affable render.

She  is elegant and slender.

She exhibits a graceful tender.


She is a recipient of the highest honour.

Awards and prizes come to her  from all corners.

She remains the most spectacular donor.

She distributes. all her prize money to the loners.

Her philanthropy  adds to her glamour.

She commands a spontaneous reverence.

Her charisma delivers an effervescence.

Her bent of mind  marks a noble reference.

Her style calls for a valid  observance.

No wonder, she is  a lady of brilliance.