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Friendliness is Cheer

friendlinessA gentleman comes out stately with a smile.
He wins everyone with a charming smile
He speaks in a measured tone.
He interacts in a subdued tone.
Helping out with open hands is his way of life.
Lending a hand to the needy is part of his life.
He assists those in dire straits for no return.
His good thought enforces a frequent return.
He gets deep into their crisis for no gain.
He gives them solace which is their gain.
His face is like a beautiful flower.
It exudes warmth and cheer as if one sees a flower.
His face reflects an extraordinary brilliance.
Well, it is the overwhelming friendliness found in exuberance.

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Inlays And Designs.

inlays and designs are embellishments in art.

They expose a fabulous creativity

Pillars and portraits excel in intrinsic style.

They look gorgeous with beautiful inlays.


Frills and frescoes are blemish in talk.

They broadcast an artificial  snobbery.

Talk and eloquence  depict an ingenuity.

They sound bombastic with loud exaggerations.


 Delicate inlays are lovely designs.

They enumerate the artisan’s profound  skill.

They are a gorgeous treat to the eyes.

Lending an exuberance to  architecture.


 Clandestine frills are negative designs.

They promote an added incredibility.

They lie heavily on the audience patience.

Extending a superficiality to the oration.


The inlays and frills are deciphered diferently.

Rendering an impressive perception to the  structural ambience,

Offering an artificial indulgence to the oral narration.

 Well! that is how the presentation carries across.





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Up above the Hills

Driving through undulation.

Crossing the vegetation,

Negotiating the rude  turns,

Breaking through the thorny  ferns,

  We went up above the hills

It was sombre sweet,

Birds chirping a gentle tweet,

 Gleefully whisked along the way,

 Benevolently carried away in  sway,

 We went up above the hills.



It was refreshing smart,

With breeze blowing aloft,

 Aromatic fragrance spreading across,

Caressingly lifting the nostrils to a gross,

 We went up above the hills.



It was  green,

Full of sheen,

Layers of lush trail,

Lay freely without bail,

 We went up above the hills.



It was picturesque,

Never was it  grotesque,

Throwing a colourful hue,

Glowing under a lovely blue,

We went up above the hills.



It was  totally fresh,

There was no rude brush,

Rendering a breathlessness,

Inducing a  togetherness,

We went up above the hills.



It was  Nature , pristine nature,

It was a  feature, delightful feature,

The grace was infinite,

The exuberance  was never  too finite,

We went up above the hills.

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A Little While Ago.

A golden fish was dangling,

In a silvery pond,

A little while ago.

A lazy black cow was grazing,

On a green pasture,

A little while ago.


A venomous snake was hissing,

Across a brown thicket ,

A little  while ago.


A stubborn ass was braying,

Over a rusty  fence,

A little while ago.



A galloping horse was neighing .

Across a grey tunnel,

A little while ago.



A beautiful   bunch of rose

Was beckoning  with a pinky hue ,

A little while ago.



A   fragrant   lovely jasmine,

Was dancing in its its milky white,

A little white ago.



A pretty little girl

Was   smiling with  cheerful bright,

A little while ago.



A cute tiny little star,

Was twinkling in the dark sky,

A little while ago.



I saw all the beauty,

I heard all the melody,

Only a little while ago.