The Heap

There lay a heap

be it trash

where could we find

things all in dust

good or bad might be.


The heap grew in size

as days passed by

going higher and higher

piled upon the lovely earth.


They become contaminated

flies and mosquitoes breed over

stray dogs pull them over

making a mess of the whole.


Those that disintegrate

mulched and decimated

the strewn bags of  polypropylene

lay there glaring  hideously.


This careless act of throwing

embitters the environment

rendering a habitation

unfit for living.


That may be a point as of now

that concern of the future

looks horrible and disastrous

converting fertility to sterility.


The Burn And Turn

With the movement of cyclical turn
the debris getting exhumed in a burn
while the cinders lay in a diffusible churn
the whole area seemed messy and  abandoned
with the feeling of the environment getting
holding the hands tight-fisted against such disaster
could not keep the lips wildernesstight-lipped any more  in anger
got ahead with the protests to the town council  straight
who promised to look into it with a heavy   punishment right
kept not their words  but joined hands with the harm through
resting the town in more destruction and hazard  being true
while I stood helpless and all alone in the wilderness static
without any one to support and help me to cross over the drastic.


The Service I Render,

With a curious mind 

and a regular writing

I do things  with reckoning

that call for attention

seeing some hazard not permissible

where the environment

faces danger and destruction

I am up in arms not literally

taking my pen with a speed

as the pen being my weapon

my face not being known

I go about in this world

reforming a little in a way

a fair share of my participation

coming out of the eventuality

soon come the vigilance

setting right the damage

being my writing contribution to society

from which I have gained much

a small rectification to the city

which has given me place to live

so far and so forth all through

I do a little by way of service

though not much to the world

which remains the pivotal point

which stands with open arms

embracing the good and bad



Nature At Risk

Mountains are in crumbles 

Oceans are up in trembles.

Land has become a gamble.

Rivers are  in shambles

The land which grew grains

looks a desert without  rains.

Hills  which appeared magnificent

have lost their translucent.

The Seas which were soft

have risen up to great lofts.

The rivers’ were transparent

now express shabbiness apparent.

The cause for such situation

be found in the enunciation

where man’s greed is manifested

with every other resource being inflicted.nature at risk


What Am I To Do?

I work hard  day and night

Toiling all through the years

never a time for leisure all these years

I have made millions  without fear

no not but billions something near.


Bequeathing it to my sons  with love  ardent

distributing to my grandchildren with a desire fervent.

reserving hefty revenue and great wealth

extensively to my progeny  in stealth

not minding my failing health.


They would be a fortune for my sons greatly

would  a treasure for my progeny substantially

I earn with a an earnestness and drive

destroying the streams and rivers in a dive

killing everything that are alive.


Dividing the fertile lands  into plots

selling them for higher price in a slot

felling the trees irrationally

uprooting the hills   callously

all for money incidentally.


Involving myself in sand mining

getting a handsome return in the inning

profits come from all directions

with sand, stones leading to a resurrection

land and water lending a correction.


Today my children buy potable water

with a land getting hotter and hotter

they  travel far just  to inhale fresh air

while their inhabitation has become bare

granting a negligible care.


As of now  medical expenses drive them mad

they stare at me with anger and are sad

holding  a grudge  against me straight

and accuse me openly for a cause right

alleging that I have spoilt their life  forthright.destruction

( Pained by seeing the unmindful destruction of nature fro wealth, I wrote this poem.

It is a representative personification  where the imagination gets ahead  exploiting the anguish

and bitterness experienced)


The River Ends Up.

With extreme joy
from a small hole
she jumps up like a toy
with a delightful goal.

She gushes out in force
falling on the land
runs away from the source
singing and dancing with the band

Crossing the villages and towns
and the cities in a stretch
she slows down gradually with a frown
weakening through like a wretch.

The melody of her song
turns a sob as she runs
carrying with her the throng
of waste and dirt and thorns.

You may wonder she be.
You and I know her well.
She is the river whom we see.
Oh! she flows through hell.polluted rivers


Bemoaning Nature.

The sky looks dark and grey
I thought it is going to rain.
It is not real it is a belie
Nature seems to get into the line.
Beguiling and besetting in a say.
Appearing and disappearing in time.
Making a belief and a disbelief in the sway.
Well, these are not anything unusual.
The disguise and deceit is seen in man.
Nature seems to have taken the cue in ritual
Bemoaning, I go about cursing nature,CarbonEmissions being a man.
Not knowing that the darkness cast in the sky in factual
really is the pollutes man sends to the sky above
as emissions of carbon contaminating the environment over and above.


Broken Strings.

The society in which we live
The people with whom we live.
The environment which keeps us.
The nature that leads us
raise demands small or big
Having to honour the demands
we have to make things work
by making up the mind
which at times refuses
to cajole the heart along
which puts forth the ups and downs
listening to both in need
and having to go with the creed
creates a gravity unable to hold.
It leads to a burst of emotions
and a barrage of controversies
rendering broken strings
To tie them up together need steps severe.forbrokenstrings


Eruption and Friction.

A well manicured lawn.
a stretch of green with a shine
looking like a green carpet
with no designs but plain
plain throughout without
ups and downs or bumps and flats
pleasing to the eyes
giving to the eyes a pleasant treat wise
as the eyes have been always seeing
concrete structures tall and high
without anything green around
as all the trees and plants have been felled down
to host the tall sky scrapers in the bound
presenting a lifeless idiom of mechanism
with tall high risers installing air conditioners on each floor
getting high and high is a process
stifling to the environment on whole
as it has to bear all the structural weight
without any sharing as sizes broad would give a spread out
and be less taxing leaving the Mother earth in an equal balanced gravity
whilst the floors over floors images (9)pressure the land
more and more to a situation
when it could tolerate no more
but burst angrily like a furious volcano

Actions Environment Poem

The Wish Of A Pond.

pond fishLittle over there, there was
a pond full of fish
which had a lovely wish
that would sound rare.

The wish was very simple
only wanting water in surplus
all the time nevertheless
it should not trickle.

The pond’s wish was granted
It had water to the brim
making people to swim
a liveliness thus enacted.

As years rolled by
an evil eye fell on the pond
as it had to go through a bond
accordingly sales went by.

The pond was levelled,
It was divided into plots
sold by casting ballots
The pond lay dead.

Sky scrapers came in
with twenty to thirty floors
Houses went high up not in rows
creating a bustle and a noisy din

The wish of the pond still
remained alive as told
that it began to flood
as the rain water started to fill.

The inhabitants had a hard day
blocking the water’s entry
with sand bags acting as sentry
struggling to divert its way.

Going by the incidence
felt that offending nature
leads to a terrible torture
causing a situation beyond resistance